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Twenty Pasadena Intersections To Get Newer Technology Video Systems

Published on Monday, May 9, 2022 | 8:01 pm

As part of Monday’s consent calendar, the City Council approved a $530,000 contract with Santa Ana-based Iteris for intersection detection cameras.

The Department of Transportation, through this recommended contract, is purchasing video detection cameras for 20 signalized intersections.

The new or upgraded video detection systems at these intersections are used for detecting vehicles and bicycles. That is used for the signal timing operations at intersections. This newer technology allows the video cameras to classify and count vehicles and bicycles which provides for more efficient signal operations.

Some of the intersections are currently operating without detection or with aging detection infrastructure that is over 15 years old.

Here are the other items that passed as part of Monday’s consent calendar:

• A $7,581,766 contract with Anixter for low voltage wire and cable. The city’s electric system is comprised of low voltage wire and cable (less than 600 volts). In the course of its day-to-day operation, various wire and cable configurations are utilized to complete planned and emergency construction and repair activities. In the overhead distribution system, these wires span from pole to pole and from pole to customer panel to deliver electricity to the end-users. In the underground distribution system, these cables are routed through vaults and conduits to terminate within customer service panels.

• A $4,690,238 contract with Hamel Contracting for a park and pool building. The Robinson Park Pool and Pool Building Renovation project includes the demolition and replacement of the existing pool, pool deck and perimeter fencing; renovation of the existing pool building; site improvements including re-paving the parking lot and installation of site security lighting and cameras; and the construction of new pool equipment and storage building. The larger zero-entry pool is designed to accommodate a wide range of community activities including, but not limited to: water fitness classes; lap swimming; all levels of swimming lessons; lifeguard training; and community swimming. Community outreach on the project included six on-site events.

• A contract for $364,315 with Danny C. Hubbs Construction for guardrail improvement program and highway safety improvement program. This guardrail improvement contract provides for the repair and replacement of damaged guardrails at 11 locations in the City, as identified by the City’s Department of Transportation and subsequently approved by Caltrans for funding. Proposed federal funding for this project is coming through the Highway Safety Improvement Program – Local (HSIPL). Three of the existing guardrails have been deemed substandard and will be replaced, while the remaining eight require repairs in order to meet the current Caltrans Guardrail Standard Plans. A finding of compliance with the General Plan was previously made and is shown in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget, under Guardrail Improvement Program.

• A $366,484 purchase order with Chevrolet of Watsonville/National Auto Fleet Group (72 Hour) for the purchase of five electric Ford F-150 Lightning trucks and two electric Ford E-Transit cargo vans. As part of the approved FY 2022 Operating Budget, a 3-Year Fleet Replacement Plan is being implemented to comprehensively address the City’s aging fleet. This three-year plan prioritizes the City’s vehicle replacement needs in support of each department’s operations, ensuring safe modes of transportation and vehicle equipment for staff to perform their duties and services, decreasing fleet maintenance and repair costs, and simultaneously allowing a consolidated effort to group similar vehicle types for economies of scale and efficient purchasing process. As part of the Fleet Replacement Plan, six vehicles currently assigned to the departments of Public Works, Fire, and Housing have been identified for replacement. One additional work truck will also be purchased for the Department of Housing for its Municipal Assistance, Solutions, and Hiring (MASH) program operations. Considerations and research for zero-emission alternatives to replace these particular vehicles have been conducted and electric models currently exist in the market that will meet department needs and specific vehicle duties there-in associated. Overall emissions will be reduced by 100% for the electric replacement of the older gasoline-powered vehicles with age ranging from seventeen to twenty-two years.

• A contract purchase with $303,688 with New Century BMW for the purchase of nine outfitted BMW R 1250 RT-P police motorcycles. Five motorcycles assigned to the Police Department (PD) have been identified for replacement. In addition, four more motorcycles will be procured by PD to supplement their current fleet of motorcycles through funding from the Police Dept.’s Asset Forfeiture Fund. The patrol officers on motorcycle duty are tasked with providing traffic control and enforcement and are often the first on the scene during critical incidents as they can maneuver through traffic faster. They also play a prominent role as police escorts, maintaining public safety at special events, festivities, and special operations. As such, the additional four motorcycles will provide sufficient and much needed motorcycles in the rotation for adequate coverage and improved response time during recurring, emergency, or as needed traffic enforcement, patrol, and various public safety service needs of the community. PD has utilized Honda police motorcycles for its traffic control and enforcement operations. However in 2022, Honda ceased manufacturing this model, thus, necessitating a change in the City’s police motorcycle platform. PD and BSFMD staff researched available options in the market through consultations with outside agencies and vendors. BMW, Harley Davidson, and Yamaha models were the three comparable motorcycles considered that were within $1,000 difference of each other in base price range. The BMW model surfaced as the current industry standard for other police agencies.

• Authorize the city manager to execute an agreement (all documents and instruments to fulfill contracts for professional or unique services with Tesla, for a ten-year term with an option for two additional five-year extensions by mutual consent, for the installation and operation of the Shopper’s Lane Charging Depot. In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the city is promoting electric vehicles and associated charging infrastructure. This is consistent with the city’s Climate Action Plan. The Arroyo Charging Depot and the Marengo Charging Plaza sites were developed and managed under a joint partnership with Tesla and PWP with both agreements approved by the City Council. This partnership model has provided cost savings for both parties and has garnered national press for both the large number of chargers and benefits of the public-private partnership. The Marengo Charging Plaza and the Arroyo EV Charging Depot are delivering over 15,000 charging sessions per month. The Shopper’s Lane location is ideal for this charging facility because it will attract EV drivers to the location to charge their vehicles, and many will shop and dine. The Shopper’s Lane EV Charging Depot was approved at the October 2021 monthly meeting of the South Lake Business District Association.

• Recognize revenue and appropriate $1,600,000 to the fiscal year 2022 operating budget for the California Arts Council Pasadena Playhouse HVAC Project Grant. The Fiscal Year 2022 Budget for the State of California includes an earmark by Assemblymember Chris Holden in the amount of $1.6 million to support the Pasadena Playhouse HVAC Project. While it was initially thought that the funds would be distributed through the California Arts Council directly to the Pasadena Playhouse, Senate Bill 170, a Budget Bill, defined the grant as a pass-through from the City of Pasadena to the Pasadena Playhouse. The Pasadena Playhouse began planning in 2021 and started work in early 2022. The project is planned to be completed well in advance of the September 30, 2023 deadline imposed by the California Arts Council.

• A $123,930 contract with Lucid Group to lease parking spaces from the city in the Schoolhouse Garage. In April of 2021 the Parking Division was contacted by a representative of Lucid Group USA in regards to identifying the best location to park the vehicles to be used as test drive vehicles for their planned showroom on Colorado Blvd in Old Pasadena. City staff worked with Lucid and Pasadena Water & Power to identify the best location to secure a branded, exclusive right of use staging area, that would have the proper infrastructure to also support proprietary Lucid charging stations. The City also looked at current and future projected occupancy of Schoolhouse Garage and determined that normal parking operations and availability would not be adversely affected by Lucid’s use of nine parking spaces. The annual rate was established by using the “Reserved Monthly Parking Rate” which is three times the current garage monthly rate along with a 15% discount due to longevity of the agreement and aesthetic enhancements that will be made within the garage by Lucid. This agreement provides Lucid with the space they need and allows the city to support a new business opening operations in Pasadena.

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