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COVID-19 Becomes Leading Cause of Death in L.A. County

On average 44 people dying every day from virus

Published on Thursday, April 23, 2020 | 7:20 pm

Since April 12, an average of 44 people have died per day from the Coronavirus making it the leading cause of death in LA County.

“This is significantly higher than the five people who die each day from the flu and 31 people who die from coronary heart disease,” LA County Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

The LA County Department of Public Health confirmed 68 new deaths and 1,081 new cases of the Coronavirus on Thursday.

In total 797 people have died. Eighty-nine percent of people who died had underlying health conditions.

Health officials are hoping that more people do not put themselves at risk as temperatures rise. Health officials have reminded people that the Safer at Home order continues and people should not flock to the beach.

Typically local residents could escape the heat, by going to malls, libraries, recreation facilities or parks. However, those places have been closed due to the quarantine.

“Please check on your neighbors especially the elderly who may not be in the state of mind or have the means to stay hydrated and properly nourished or have a place to cool off, city spokesperson Lisa Derderian.

“We still see people running with masks and that can create serious or fatal heath issues because your heart exerts itself more and can cause a cardiac event. If you’re by yourself or with members of your immediate household you don’t need a mask. Please respect the safer at home orders but go get fresh air and exercise early while maintaining social distancing. Keep an eye out for pets too who don’t have the means to deflect heat easily and can suffer heat related illness or death too. It’s the first high heat days in awhile and people aren’t acclimated so don’t overdue it.
As always heat related illness can turn fatal quickly so seek medical attention quickly if needed.”

Meanwhile, rising temperatures could force count officials to open cooling centers.

Health and county officials are planning on ways to safely open the location if the need arises.

Precautions should also be taken to avoid heat-related illness in young children, outdoor workers, athletes, and people with a chronic medical condition, among others, who are especially sensitive to negative health impacts from extreme heat. The county health department offers the following recommendations during high temperatures:

Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated throughout the day.

If you must go out, plan your day to avoid going out during the hottest hours, and wear sunscreen. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothes, and bring a hat or umbrella with you.

Cars get very hot. Don’t leave children or pets in cars, and call 911 if you see a child or pet in a car alone.

Beware of heat-related illness, like heat stroke and call 911 if you see these symptoms: high body temperature, vomiting, and pale and clammy skin.

Check on those at risk, like the sick, older adults, pregnant women, and children.

Avoid working out wearing face coverings or masks not intended for athletic purposes; this means avoiding contact with others while you work out.

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