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Desperately Seeking Vaquera

Published on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 | 5:55 am

Vaquera, a female pit bull, slipped out its owner’s gate on Dec. 19, and the whole neighborhood surrounding has joined the search.
Even Councilmember Victor Gordo has enlisted in the effort to find the wayward canine. The Councilmember told Pasadena Now the search for the dog has turned into an “extraordinary community effort.”
Gordo said communal search for Vaquera is as much about the dog as it is “about the neighborhood coming together for whatever the need may be.”
The neighborhood in question is Washington Square.
Vaquera’s owner is Chiara Tullini who said in an interview that, “A lot of people know the dog. She’s super friendly. Most kids come up to her. She gives pit bulls a great name because she’s just the happiest animal.”
How happy is Vaquera?
“I’m not even sure if my dog misses me,” explained Tullini, “because she is just so eager to meet everybody new.”
But Vaquera’s pet parent herself is, “heartbroken” and found it very difficult to get on a plane for a work-related sojourn this past weekend, fearful to not be home should the dog return.
Vaquera’s extended, unannounced staycation has everyone on the lookout.
Tullini said at least 15 neighbors have gone out into the night on a tip that someone had seen the dog. She’s met neighbors she did not know before, neighbors whom have made her cry, “because they’re super heartwarming and have gone out of their way trying to be helpful.”
Even those who are not neighbors have joined the effort to find Vaquera, who is a rescue dog. A woman from Washington state upped the reward for finding the dog by $1,000 so that the total now stands at $2,500.
Councilman Gordo said, “I’m just so impressed with the energy, not just of Vaquera’s owner, but the effort that people are making to help a neighbor in need. For some people it’s just a dog, but this is really reuniting a family and everyone has 10 minutes or 15 minutes or an hour to help.”
If you know where Vaquera is, please call (626) 437-7350.

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