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Dodgers Take Practice Against San Diego, 11-2

Betts hits MLB milestone three home runs in romp

Published on Thursday, August 13, 2020 | 4:43 pm

Things looked in the first inning as Julio Arias saw two San Diego batters in a row send towering home runs into the covered bleachers Thursday night.

But when the firefight was over, it was the Dodgers who sent everything into the stands, walloping San Diego 11-2, as newcomer Mookie Betts pounded three home runs.

Arias calmed down after the first few innings as Dodger pitchers scattered six hits.

Cory Seager quickly evened the score in the bottom of the first, with a two-run shot, followed moments later by a homer by AJ Pollock, for a lead they never gave up.

Betts homered in the second, fourth and fifth innings. His third homer came after a disputed double play call which would have ended the fifth. When the call was reversed, both teams came back onto the field, with Taylor on second. Betts muscled him home on the first pitch he saw.

The Dodgers travel south on the 5 Friday for a weekend series against the Angels.

It’s the fourth game of a four-series for the Doyers, who hope to split this week’s series against the Nachos. Following two embarrassing defeats, the Doyers blanked the Nachos last night with a volley of bunts, followed by a three-run homer by Justin Turner in the eighth to slam the door shut.

Lefty Julio Arias is on the mound for the Blue tonight, while Chris Paddack is on the mound for the Nachos.

Game time is 6:40 p.m. Let’s rock.



In case you’re wondering, yes, they play crowd noise IN the stadium, and they make LOUD PA announcements. But the pregame interviews are done on Zoom, and there are likely less than 100 people in the stadium right now.

They also play the National Anthem live and people stand and sing. There are also fans on the big screen apparently tuning in on ZOOM.

Fernando Tatis Jr. (no relation) strikes right out on four pitches.

Former Doyer Manny Machado is at 2.2.1. And the count is pretty much full. He flies out to AJ Pollock in center field, but it was close.

Tommy Pham ( I wonder if he has a Pham Club? Sorry.) takes 0-2. He drops one deep into the empty left field bleachers.

Eric Hosmer (no relation) joins the Pham club and homers to right.

Will Myers is at 1-2. He singles smartly into short center.

San Diego 2, Dodgers coming up.


Mookie Betts gets touched by a pitch and goes to first.

Cory Seager sends the first pitch he sees to the right field bleachers.

Justin Turner flies out to left.

Cody Bellinger grounds to first.

AJ Pollock circles the bases as the Dodgers take the lead.

Max Muncy (no relation) gets the Dodgers their third out.

Dodgers 3, Nachos 2



Juriskson Profar grounds to first.

Austin Hedges is way too slow to first.

Jorge Mateo joins the Strikeout Club.

Dodgers 3, Nachos 2.


Joc Pederson is so freaking out.

Chris Taylor hits one deep in the right corner, and races to second.

Catcher Austin Barnes is at 1-2. He sends a lazy fly out to left.

Betts homers to right, and follows Taylor home. The PA crowd roars.

Seager flies out to right.

Dodgers 5, Nachos 2.



Tatis flies out to short right.

Machado grounds out to first.

Pham is at 2-2. Say Bye.


Dodgers 5, Nachos 2.



Justin Turner doubles on an error by center fielderEdward Olivares.

Bellinger hits one right at the first baseman.

Pollock doubles to the right corner and sends Turner home. Later , Pollock tries to get cute, and is caught trying to steal third.

Muncy has a full count. Still. He walks to first just like he was expecting it.

Joc Pederson is out at first.

Dodgers 6, Nachos 2.



Hosmer flies out to left.

Myers is gunned down at first.

Profar smacks a single hard to right.

Olivares is thrown out coolly by Muncy.

Dodgers 6, Nachos 2.



Taylor (no relation) chops the air. He ducks back out of an inside delivery. He then air mails a double to center field.

Barnes drives the first pitch he sees into the covered left field seats, giving Taylor a ride home, like a friend would do.

Betts rocks his first pitch and delivers it to those same covered left field bleachers. Something’s going on here.

Seager is walking on nighttime.

Turner strikes totally out.

Bellinger is walking on nighttime. Runners on first and second. There is a chat show on the mound with reliever Luis Perdomo. Pollock coming up.

Pollock flies out to left.

Muncy is at 1-1. 1-2. Grimacing, he strikes out, like the Dodgers don’t have a 7-run lead.

Dodgers 9, Nachos 2.

Betts crosses the plate after his second round trip of the night.



Hedges, like, totally, pretty much flies out.

Mateo is completely out.

Tatis removes the possible Nacho threat.

Dodgers 9, Nachos 2.


Pederson grounds out to first.

Taylor comes to bat on a pre-recorded “Charge!” chant. He gets to 0-2 right away, then beats out a valiant throw to first.

Barnes hits into a double play to end the inning, but the call is being reviewed. How about that? Taylor is safe at second. Barnes is out at first. If you’re a nacho, how irritating would that be?

Betts is at 2-0. 3-0. 3-1. It’s a home run derby, as he adds to the Nachos’ frustration with his second round trip, scoring himself and Taylor.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.



Machado flies out.

Pham is at 2-2. 3-2. He flies out to right.

Hosmer sends the pitch to Muncy.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.


Edwin Rios flies out to right.

Bellinger is at 1-2, and strikes pretty much out.

Pollock comes on to Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” just FYI. He gets to 1-1. He is walking on night time.

Muncy gets to 1-2, before getting all thrown out at first and what not.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.



Myers smacks the first pitch of the inning into right for a single.

Profar flies out to right.

There is a brief chat show on the mound and out comes Urias after a gritty performance.

Olivares flies out to left out.

Hedges is out at first.

Yes, they play “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in the middle of the seventh. No one sings.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.


Taylor is sitting on a full count, then flies out to deep right.

Barnes singles.

Betts singles for his fourth hit of the night. Barnes goes to second

Seager flies out.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.



Mateo flies out to center.

Garcia doubles to the right corner.

Jake Croneworth is at 1-2.

A Nacho made an out.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.


Rios flies WAY out.

Matt Beaty strikes out, as well, too.

Pollock dribbles out to first.

Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.



Trent Grisham, silent tonight, is at 1-1, 1-2, and then, he remains silent.

Wil Myers is at 2-2. His count, so to speak, is now full. He fouls off a few in a row. And then he walks.

Profar is at 1-2. The prerecorded audience is roaring for some reason. Relief pitcher Jake McGee is done for this one.

Relief pitcher Dylan Floro is facing Olivares. Olivares is at 1-2. 2-2. The prerecorded audience roars again, as Olivares goes down.

FINAL: Dodgers 11, Nachos 2.

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