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A Tribute to Dorothea Bradley, Who Represented the ‘Power of One’

Published on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 | 12:26 pm
Dorothea Bradley

How do we measure the impact of a life?  In some ways our legacy is determined by how we are remembered by friends, family, colleagues, and members of our community.  For each of us, our actions weave a story of how we touched the hearts of others and where our fingerprints are to be found after we are gone.

Tragically, Dorothea Bradley was diagnosed with COVID-19 and then hospitalized at Huntington Memorial Hospital.  She died while undergoing what would have been a routine dialysis procedure, which she had endured for many years.  The virus weakened her heart to the point that the medical team was unable to revive her after it stopped beating.  Nevertheless, her tireless efforts to improve our community will be remembered for years to come.

“For most of my professional life, Dorothea has always provided me guidance and leadership in doing my duties, regardless of the rank I held.  She taught me the importance of never letting people or challenges get in the way of providing help to those in need.  She will always be a rock star to me!”, Pasadena Police Chief John Perez.

One of Dorothea’s significant projects was to distribute food to community members in need.  For over 20 years she organized a reliable collection system from local markets of unused food products, then created efficient pick-up and delivery mechanisms to ensure that people in Pasadena were adequately fed.

“Dorothea had a deep passion for taking care of those in need and a genuine love in her heart for humankind,” Michelle Richardson-Bailey, Pasadena School Board Member.

Another project that Dorothea was involved with was an annual neighborhood posada and holiday gift-giveaway, in partnership with a multitude of community organizations and local businesses. “By having events in our neighborhoods we made sure everybody was welcome. This way we could learn about each other and from each other; thus create peace. She was truly an amazing woman who didn’t make excuses to…bring people together, so love, unity and genuine brotherhood can reign,” Natalia Sanisteban, Director, Avalon Pasadena Funeral Home.

In recent years she became a supporter of the ‘Share a Meal’ program with the PUSD, Pasadena Fire Department, Pasadena Sandwich Company and many others.  “To know Dorothea was to know what it means to give good and have joy imprinted on your heart forever.  She was a woman who never stopped learning, expanding and loving.  She brought people together to support one another and make the world a better and more connected place.  I am so blessed to have loved her and grateful that I was loved by her,” Meghan Freeark Fink, Owner, Pasadena Sandwich Company.

For those who would like to celebrate the life of Dorothea Aurelia Bradley, there will be a tribute to her life presented by the Baha’is of Pasadena on Sunday, May 17 at 4:00 pm in a virtual setting at

Meeting ID: 335 200 2801

Password: 141531

“Ms. Dorothea Bradley was a woman who took three of the Bahá’í principles: service, justice, unity, and made them her life’s work. The community, indeed, the world has lost an exceptional soul… she will be missed,” Adria E. Elvira, Secretary for the Bahá’ís of Pasadena.

Dorothea was a survivor.  She endured more of life’s anguish than most.  Having survived numerous hospitalizations over the years she seemed invincible.  Which is why the news of her death is so tragic.  Few of us are able to maintain our good nature in the face of adversity as the stress of the moment wears on our capacity for humor and seeing the sublime in the ridiculous odds stacked against us.

Dorothea never capitulated. As an eternal optimist, she believed that there had to be a way to fix the challenges before us.  And she left an indelible mark on everyone she met.  No one who really talked to her will ever forget her.  For how does the world replace someone who was so unique that no other human comparison comes to mind?  A selfless, courageous, generous visionary who did everything in her power to make the world a better place.

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