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Police Detail Final Frenzied Moments of Murder Suspect’s Life During Shooting Spree

Published on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 | 11:37 am

According to additional information released by the Pasadena Police Department on Tuesday morning, a man who opened fire in an East Pasadena neighborhood in November after fatally shooting a man told his female hostage he wanted her to perform a sexual act.

The woman also reported that suspect Devin Edward Hall killed himself moments after she fled from him.

Hall, a military veteran, was using the woman as a shield during the shooting (see related story published on Tuesday). 

“He eventually pulled the hostage behind a vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence as he continued to fire rounds,” according to a narrated video of the account on the police department’s website (also seen above). “The hostage later reported that while engaged in the gun battle, the suspect expressed his desire to have the hostage perform a sexual act on him.” 

No sexual activity occurred between the two. 

Hall later lost his balance and he and the hostage fell to the ground allowing her to escape. 

Officers began returning fire at Hall.

“As the victim ran away she told officers she looked back at the suspect and saw him place his firearm to his own head and take his own life,” according to the video. 

Detectives are waiting for a coroner’s report to confirm the account.  

According to police, Hall fatally shot Pasadena resident Gevork Minissian, 70, just after 2:30 p.m. in the 600 block of Sunnyslope Avenue. On Monday, police released  several videos of the incident and phone calls to police dispatchers as the incident unfolded. 

Police confirmed on Tuesday the two men did not know each other previously.

Multiple gunshots can be heard throughout the footage as police combed the area searching for the suspect.

At one point Hall aimed his gun at a family and after they retreated inside he attempted to kick the door in. 

Hall attempted to carjack one motorist and took a hostage after firing into a window to gain access. The woman can be heard screaming as she flees from the line of fire at the urging of police officers at the scene.

Hall purchased the 57 American MK  weapon after being discharged from the military in 2020. His family said he carried the weapon with him, according to police.

The weapon fires high-velocity bullets capable of penetrating body armor. The weapon is used by military and law enforcement officers. 

Hall’s family has described his behavior on the day of the shooting as abnormal and anxious, authorities reported. The family said Hall was waving his weapon around the family that morning and talking about protecting his sisters. 

Hall grew paranoid and later forcibly removed communication devices from his family members, police said.

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