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Falling for Fashion with OSKA

OSKA has released a preview of its Fall 2013 lineup and we talk to Annie Frank of OSKA to find out more on what to expect.

Published on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 | 2:33 pm

Make the most out of your colorful summer wear while it lasts, because fall is coming, and OSKA is prepping up its 2013 fall lineup with beautiful wine colors and shades of gray.

Annie Frank, of OSKA, tells us that though people equate fall with black, grays and other earth colors, OSKA also has burgundies and “pretty coral pinks” so customers will have more options.

One of the dresses at the preview is The Divia. Frank explains, “They always do a version of this kind of dress and it’s this fabulous jersey material that’s totally perfect for anybody to travel, once they dress it up or dress it down, and it could really be worn almost all year round.”

Another is the Jacket Dietke. Frank tells us, “It’s a truffle jersey and it looks really good with a skinny skirt or crazy pants and it’s really, really slimming.”

The Jacket Dietke is perfect for women who are not so tall, Frank says, “I think it gives you height. A lot of our customers are tiny ladies. You know the population in the San Gabriel Valley, there’s a melting pot of different people here and they love our clothes and most of them are not very tall.”

Frank also mentions another piece called Dress Detta. Made from a “tech material,” the dress is very versatile. Frank adds, “You could wear this jumper but you could also wear it with just the shawl over it, sleeveless, or with a little jacket. And it’s got a very similar structure to the Divia Dress.”

Fall is often equated to tweeds, but with the Dress Detta and Divia, OSKA uses different “tech” materials to add fabric choices for its customers.

For a more classic look, there is the Blouse Dacina, A white shirt with asymmetrical lines that makes it “really fun” and “really pretty. Also, OSKA’s white shirts can be paired up with jeans, trousers, and skirts, aside from being white and easy to pair with, can be worn any time of the year.

Scarves are also popular, which you can use over your head, around your neck, as a belt, or just dangling off the shoulder. The Eleyna, Elin and Elsa scarves can be mixed and matched with other pieces to create a different look every time.

Of course, there are the trousers. OSKA is known for its trousers and one of these is the Dilek. Frank says that these trousers “do not run really, really long. Like I’m only 5’1 and I can wear the pants without shortening most of them. Some of them are too long but like this Dilek, I sold it to somebody yesterday in Beverly Hills that was like probably only around 5’2.”

No matter your body type, no matter your height, no matter who you are, OSKA has something for you. The dresses are slimming and the trousers make the wearer look taller than she actually is. OSKA’s clothes give its wearer the confidence they need, to look and feel good.

From blouses and dresses, to scarves and trousers, look your best in any season with OSKA.

Oh, and while it’s still summer, you can still catch the Spring Summer Sale. You can check out the items on sale at

OSKA Pasadena is located at 13 Douglas Alley. To find out more about OSKA, and to check out its Fall 2013 preview, visit or call (626) 432-1729 for more information.

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