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Getting Around Clean and Green

With a major push underway to have people bike in Pasadena, Brio Electric Bikes offers a clean and green alternative that's much easier to use than regular bikes

Published on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | 5:34 pm

Bicycles have been resurging these past few years, fueled by interest in personal fitness and concern for the environment. Serious cyclists go for the popular road, mountain or fixie bikes, but for those who are looking for economical transportation and an alternative to driving, Brio Electric Bikes in Monrovia may be worth a visit.

“The main advantage of an electric bike is that it has a motor that assists with your pedaling, so you feel like someone is running behind pushing you. The bike accelerates and goes faster than it usually would, and when you get to hills, your pedaling doesn’t change that much,” says Keith Stephens, owner of Brio. “I’ve been commuting on one for several months, and I dread getting in the car now.”

Electric bicycles do not require liability insurance, registration, nor a license to drive; you only need to be at least 16 and wear a helmet. You can ride in bike lanes, and go to the front of the line at stop lights. Most will accelerate quickly to 20mph (legal limit for motor assist), and hold that speed, even up hills. The rider still gets exercise, but not an exhausting workout. At your destination, just plug into a standard 120 volt outlet to recharge the battery. “Fuel” costs are less than ½ a cent per mile.

Stephens has been in the bicycle business all his life, and decided to open the specialty shop as, “I’ve always been interested in electric bikes, and now they are the growth engine of the bicycle industry. In the last couple of years, they’ve become more reliable and the range between charging has almost tripled. There’s a lot of really good product out there, but nobody in the area offers a full range of products.”

Brio carries the IZIP and eFlow bike lines from Currie Tech, as well as Easy Motion bikes. “These companies have global distribution, excellent customer service and stock replacement parts, something you don’t get with generic bikes off the internet. We stand behind and service what we sell here.”

Brio Electric Bikes is located at 113 E. Olive Ave., Monrovia. To learn more about Brio, you can visit,, or call (626) 657-2251.

You can also email for more details or set up a test ride.


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