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Got a Computer? You Need This Man

Robert Burnham has been doctoring computers since 1990. The internet was barely even functional then!

Published on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | 2:40 pm


David Burnham, computer guru

It’s all relative (as Einstein used to say).

So when you meet a man who’s been repairing computers since 1990 – for almost 20 years – you’ve got to think you’re meeting someone who knows more about computers than just about anybody (relatively speaking).

Believe me, in today’s world, this is the kind of person we all need to know. Seems like our lives run on microchips, and the moment our pc or laptop starts acting up or slowing down, our lives spin out of control.

So who is the magician of megabytes? Robert Burnham, a Pasadena computer expert whose been unravelling computer riddles for decades, since he graduated BYU with a Computer Science degree. After five years at Hughes Aircraft followed by two at TRW, Burnham struck out on his own to start ABS Computer Services. He’s been repairing computer conundrums
here in Pasadena for 19 years.

Most people hit trouble with their computer, Burnham says, as the result of viruses and spyware. These twin plagues start off as irritations and drags on the computer’s operating system, but if unattended, matters can get ugly.

“Viruses and spyware can damage the operating system files,” Burnham says with a frown. And that can be terrible news.

Fixing serious problems such as registry issues or a damaged operting system is not an assignment you should give to the faint of heart or weak of experience. This is where Burnham comes in.

“We’ll do a double backup of your data,” he says. “Then we’ll rebuild your system from scratch. We’ll reformat the hard drive, put on the operating system and add all the updates and service packs. Then we’ll re-install your programs, and then bring your data back from the backups we made. It’s kind of like getting a fresh computer!”

Burnham makes it sound so easy, but as all of us know, computers are finnicky and one little keystroke can lose valuable data and bring grownups to tears.

“We can generally repair the system registry and other aspects that a lot of other companies just can’t do, because they don’t have the have training and the skill that we have,” Burnham says.

Burnham’s company, ABS Computer Services, repairs pc and laptops, sets up and maintains networks, helps with internet access and offers the kind of seven-days-a-week, we’ll-come-to-you-in-our-truck-if-you-need-it service that all of us need to know is out there, ready for us in our hours of need.

Most of Burnham’s clients are businesses, but he also helps students and at-home computer users of all ages and knowledge levels.

“To be able to solve problems for each person who comes in to us, then to see them walk away with a happy face, I really enjoy this!” Burnham says, smiling himself. “That type of great feeling I just could never get back working for one of the big companies. This is so rewarding!”

ABS Computer Services
711 East Walnut St., Ste 107, Pasadena. (626) 356-9833.
Call 7 days, at any time of day or night.

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