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HDT Computers’ Ray Frost, Pasadena’s Computer Doctor

A one-stop shop for all things high-tech

Published on Friday, September 4, 2009 | 10:31 am


Ray Frost at your service

HDT Computers sits on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena and this computer shop has been in business since the early 1990;s specializing in just about everything that has to do with computer trouble. It’s sort of like going to a Pasadena doctor, only this store specializes in fixing up PCs, that is laptops and desktops.

The computer doctor-in-the-house is Ray Frost, who is president of the company. He says  he is the “only one left now” from the old days, when the shop was founded in 1992 – the last man standing for HDT Computers.

Frost jokes that in those days, “there was no Target.” When asked about his training, Frost says that his experience is hands-on – “we’ve been here for a long time” – pretty much since the dawn of the computer age in “Dr.” Frost’s line of thinking.

But there’s more than the ordinary computer that’s serviced at HDT. This computer shop delivers high quality starting PCs as well as high-end workstations and computer systems. Most of the business at the store stems from fixing computers, eliminating viruses, and upgrading computers.  Frost says, “We sell some stuff, but mostly service now.”

Some common problems that most people face when dealing with computers? Frost cites that most of the current problems emanate from Windows issues.  There are problems with viruses and spyware that prop up from time to time.  Sometimes, computers are sluggish, and there are  Pop-ups on the web page – people need to tune up their computers so they can get it up and running again, says Frost. When people are not able to use their machines, they call Ray Frost to the rescue, and he makes them work again.

Viruses have always been a problem for computer owners, and there’s always a new one just around the corner waiting to plague PCs. Sometimes, it takes hours to fix viruses. So, most of the time, Frost requests customers to bring in their machines. It costs more to go on site, but he makes house calls in case there is a need for it.

The first line of defense against viruses, according to Ray Frost, is to have a back up. What kind of back-up? Pretty much anything will do – back up your hard drive to a flash pen drive, CD/DVD, or another media.

As far as costs go, on-site computer repair as well as network service may be availed for $75 an hour. Additionally, in-house computer servicing starts at a flat rate of $35 – not a bad price for Pasadenans looking for a bargain during a looming recession. Off-site support over the Net runs somewhere close to $100 an hour, which would turn out to be something like $1.67 per minute. Very affordable indeed.

Frost advises that since data recovery on hard drives are expensive – anywhere from $500 to $2000 – it is a good idea to try and remove the hard drive if there is a problem with it. At the very least, he may able to do some minor recovery from a hard drive, if it has crashed.

When it comes to upgrades, people request for memory upgrades and hard drive upgrades, which are usually considered minor upgrades. When it comes to computer services, Frost says he gives his customers “whatever they need.”

In the midst of new fangled technology, Ray Frost of HDT provides good old fashioned personal service.

“A lot of customers told me Best Buy charge a lot more.  And then you have to wait a long time.  The turnaround is long. A week, two weeks, maybe a month.  And sometimes they get their computer back but it’s worse than before.  So I try to satisfy all of my customers, you know…Solve the problem. They’re happy. They come back,” says Ray.

In case you’re looking for used computer parts to shore up your own system, monitors and CPUs start at $100 a piece. You can also buy used and brand new notebooks as well – these are manufactured by Toshiba. If you want to surf the Net while on your visit to HDT Computers, you can do so at the affordable price of $5 a half hour. More than that, HDT also carries cell phone accessories at wholesale prices, if you’re looking to fix up you’re mobile as well.

HDT Computer Services
756 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena.  (626) 568-3833

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