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Hearing Officer to Conduct Three Hearings On Wednesday

Published on Monday, June 29, 2020 | 8:58 am

Pasadena’s Hearing Officer will conduct three virtual public hearings at 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Members of the public can watch the hearing on Zoom and may submit comments in advance, or as the hearing is in progress.

Two regular cases and one minor case are on the schedule for Wednesday’s public hearing, according to the agenda.

The minor case applies to a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) at 135 S. Catalina Ave.

The CUP would allow nonresidential parking of a mixed-use

project to incorporate tandem configuration. Of the 208 nonresidential parking spaces included in the proposed project, 28 spaces, or 13.5 percent of the nonresidential parking spaces, are proposed in tandem configuration.

A Minor Conditional Use Permit is required for tandem parking in a nonresidential project.

In a tandem parking configuration one vehicle parks directly behind another and the vehicle in back must be moved in order for the front vehicle to leave.

In the first regular case on the agenda, the Hearing Officer will hear a case to create air parcels at 2488 Mohawk St. According to the application the owner wants create 21 air parcels on one land lot for residential condominium.

An air parcel is defined as a volume of space, rather than a flat plane, The air space parcel volume can be comprised of air, land or a combination of air and land, and it may be occupied by a building. Staff is recommending the item be continued.

In the second regular case, A Certificate of Exception has been requested to allow a lot line adjustment between two adjacent parcels, 350 S. Grand Ave. and 356 S. Grand Ave.

The proposed lot line adjustment would eliminate the shared interior lot line, resulting in one parcel measuring 29,720 square feet in area. Although not a part of the Certificate of Exception application, the project would also include the demolition of the existing single-family residence at 356 S. Grand Ave.

The subject site is located within the RS-4 (Single-Family

Residential) zoning district. There are no tree removals proposed as part of this application.

The meeting can be viewed at

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