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Dr. Kevin Cressey asks: Do you feel healthy, or just not sick?

Published on Monday, June 18, 2012 | 2:08 pm
Dr. Kevin Cressey

It goes almost without saying that summer activities bring bruises, aches, and pains which need TLC and careful watching, and among the very best local practiced eyes and healing hands you can hire are those of chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Cressey.

Cressey – himself an avid hiker – knows runners, hikers, climbers and cyclists inside and out.

So what injuries and complaints can he help you with?

Cressey says specific target groups link themselves to certain afflictions. For example, runners usually end up dealing with knee pain, ankle problems and commonly come into the practice complaining of hip pain.

Referring to the rock climbers he treats, Cressey lists a range of startling injuries: among them are; twisted and turned ankles, popped tendons in hands from climbing, and numerous elbow injuries.

“I like to call it climbers elbow,” Cressey says, who focuses on helping his clients actively prevent mishaps from occurring in this first place.

“We’ve come up with some pretty good solutions for how to screen for potential injuries in the future,” Cressey said recently in the calming clinic on North El Molino Avenue he shares with his mentor, Dr. Steve Smith.

For the less athletically inclined, Cressey also has solutions for the aches and pains that can signal trouble. He works with everybody, all ages, all walks of life – from babies to office workers – citing research showing repercussions of traumas that occur during birth or early childhood one moment and jumping to repetitive motion and sedentary lifestyle body damage in the next moment.

One of Cressey’s key concepts is summed in a favorite question he pops: Do you feel healthy or just “not sick”? The right answer for his patients, of course, is to gain that 100% healthy feeling.

“Now what kinds of things out there do we notice in our life that make us have a lot of vitality and ultimately feel energetic and healthy?” Cressey asks. “Being in a good mood, being happy, being stress-free, having plenty of rest and lots of energy, these are important things. Often people have headaches that occur, have stress, aches and pains, feel fatigued, and tired.  These are symptoms of maybe a greater problem that might be occurring in their nervous system.”

“I want to make sure that people keep themselves healthy, and don’t have to see me very often,” Cressey says. “I’d rather they just come in  for their tune-up, and go tell their friends and family that they feel 100%,  have plenty of energy, they’re happy, they’re full of vitality, and they’re able to run their marathons, do their hikes to Mount Wilson, Mount Whitney, do whatever it is that they’re trying to do.”

Cressey even wants to treat Pasadena’s greater problems by making people healthier.

“I seek to elevate the spirits of the community by helping everybody increase their vitality through chiropractic care,”  he says.

Dr. Kevin Cressey is located at 131 North El Molino Avenue, Suite 180 in Pasadena. Call him at (626) 792-1221 or visit

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