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Homeless Woman Arrested in Alleged Random Attack at Pasadena Bus Stop for 2nd Time

Published on Saturday, October 23, 2021 | 11:28 am

A view of the area in which a woman was attacked on North Lake Ave. near E. Maple Street while waiting for a bus. [Google]
Police arrested a woman who allegedly struck another woman with a metal tent pole in a seemingly random and unprovoked attack on Friday afternoon, authorities said. The same suspect was previously convicted of stabbing a man with a pair of scissors in another random attack at a nearby Pasadena bus stop three years ago.

The incident unfolded about 6:20 p.m. as a 25-year-old Pasadena woman was waiting at a bus stop at Lake Avenue and Maple Street, according to Pasadena police Lt. Anthony Burgess.

A 63-year-old woman described as transient approached the victim and confronted her for “no apparent reason,” he said.

The suspect struck the victim with a metal tent pole, resulting in a minor injury to her hand, the lieutenant said. “It appears the attack was unprovoked.”

Officers responded and took Brenda Marie Anderson, 63, into custody, according to police and Los Angeles County booking records. She was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim declined to be taken to a hospital, Burgess said.

At the time of her arrest on Friday, Anderson was already awaiting trial on a charge of illegal use of a tear gas weapon stemming from an arrest in July in Pasadena, according to L.A. County Superior Court records.

Prior convictions include assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury in 2020 and criminal threats in 2011, 2005 and 1994, among others, records show.

Last year’s assault conviction stemmed from an incident in which she stabbed a 25-year-old man with a pair of scissors in an unprovoked attack at a bus stop at Lake Avenue near the 210 Freeway on June 10, 2018, according to police and court records.

Anderson approached the victim and spoke to him unintelligible before hurling D-cell batteries at his head and ultimately stabbing him in the arm with a pair of scissors as he attempted to flee the attack by boarding a bus, police Lt. Max Dahlstein said at the time. The stab wound was described as superficial.

Upon pleading “no contest” to a charge of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury last year, a second charge of assault with a deadly weapon was dismissed. It was not clear Saturday how much time Anderson served in custody for the scissor attack.

Bail for Anderson was set at $30,000 pending her initial court appearance, which was yet to be scheduled Saturday.


Police: Homeless Woman Stabs Man With Scissors in Random Attack at Pasadena Bus Stop

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4 thoughts on “Homeless Woman Arrested in Alleged Random Attack at Pasadena Bus Stop for 2nd Time

  • Why is that woman not in a locked facility, for heaven’s sake? I live a few blocks away and resent the fact that even at dinner time it’s not safe to walk in a fairly nice area like that. It’s time to wake up, CA, and reopen facilities for the severely mentally ill that were closed decades ago. Wow.

  • Couldn’t agree more with the prior poster. Pasadena has too many people like this just roaming around. Why can’t we get these people off the street and get them help that they need.

  • Now that the MTA’s trains, buses, and stations are the new mental health care faciliites in California, where the dangerous, unhoused, and unsupervised mentally ill can attack the other passengers, and use the trains and stations as public urinals, what else can we do to help ti reduce traffic congestion and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

  • This is my mother, I have been looking for her, she just needs to be loved. She is very sweet and has no I’ll intent towards others. She is homeless, and has to protect herself. She will only show anger under the influence of drugs, otherwise she will keep you laughing and smiling.
    My wish is to get her out of Pasadena CA, where the drugs are given to her. There are drug dealers who have had control over my mom, an evil power I pray goes away. I LOVE her with all my soul. I was taken away from my family after my great-grandmother transitioned when I was about 5 years old. The very same day. Why did police place 3 children in the back of the squad car with handcuffs on that day, as if they were criminals. I will never forget that day, ever.
    My sweet great grandma passed, within an hour, me and my siblings were hauled off to the foster system.
    It has been a long rough road for me to maintain balance and become a success, so I can properly care love and rescue my mother. All that I achieve in life with be with the intent to save my mother.
    Please, don’t punish her for protecting herself, she may have been in fear. She told me the story of the sissor incident, some guy approached trespassed her personal space, and she reacted to defend herself.
    She is homeless in the streets, she is 63, what she needs is a home and lots of love & care.
    The only reason she is in that circumstance is because I have not reached success financially, Iam homeless also, sleeping out of my car and hunting opportunities to get balance. No one cares about her or me in this world, we are less than human to the powers that are in control of our country. However, I remain faithful in my efforts to succeed in today’s society.