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Ishmael Trone Launches District 3 Campaign, Chris Holden at His Side

Published on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 | 6:01 am

Assemblymember Chris Holden said Saturday much of his success during his time on the Pasadena City Council was achieved with District 3 Council Candidate Ishmael Trone at his side.

“He and I worked very closely during much of my time in office (City Council),” said the assemblyman while standing next to Trone during an event that launched Trone’s campaign for the now-vacant seat. “He’s been able to see how we’ve accomplished things along the way.”

“As the campaign continues and as more people don’t know him connect with him, and understand what he’s already been able to contribute,” Holden said. “I think they’re going to find it be a rather easy decision (to elect Trone.).”

That sentiment was shared by many of the 150 in attendance at the Eden Garden Restaurant where Trone’s 81-year-old mother and two daughters basked in the light of appreciation from supporters.

“He’s always involved in all aspects of the community and what beautifies the community,” said Pasadena business owner, architect Charles Bryant. “Despite all the work he’s done, he wants to do more work. Let’s give  it to him. He’s the right one for the job.”

“He’s a product of the community,” added John David Duncan, Chairman of the Altadena Economic Development Board. “He knows all of the ins and outs of Pasadena.”

Also in attendance were Chris Chahinian and Ray Boulgourjian of the Armenian Community Coalition, School Board President Renatta Cooper and restauranteur Robin Salzer.

Trone spoke about creating jobs in his district, enhancing the quality of life for City of Pasadena and his efforts to improve public safety while working with neighborhood associations and creating events as well as programs with the police department and community leaders in an effort to build mutual trust and respect.

The candidate also stressed the ongoing need for jobs and reviewed results of his efforts over the years which have an impact on community employment.

The campaign launch ended with Trone introducing his campaign manager, 27-year-old William Symes, who thanked Trone for the opportunity and exhorted the crowd to vote and to support Trone’s campaign financially and by grass-roots spreading the word.

“He (Trone) understands the needs of the small business people. And being a small business owner, that’s why I’m here,” said Vic Baliozian, a small business owner. “He, himself, is a small business owner and that makes me feel good.”

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