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LIVE BLOGGING WITH EDDIE RIVERA| Giants Rock the Dodgers in China Basin, 7-2

Dodgers first trip north since last year’s NL Division Series is bad news

Published on Friday, June 10, 2022 | 6:36 pm

ORACLE PARK, SAN FRANCISCO—It was great to be a Giants fan, and a Warriors fan. As the Warriors evened their NBA Finals series with the Boston Celtics at 2-2, the Giants rocked the Dodgers 7-2, with a serious offensive display, and weak pitching from the team from La Loma.

The Dodgers, with Walker Beuhler on the mound, struck first with a run in the second, but the Giants answered quickly and continued to answer long after the Dodgers had hung up the phone.

Giant Darin Ruf had a big night with two home runs in four at -bats, while Max Muncy went 0 for three, and Bellinger and Betts went 0 for four.

It was a beautiful night, weather wise, the game was decided by the fifth inning as revliever Justin Bruihl gave up hits to Casali, Slater, walked Flores, and gave up a bonus single to Ruf.

It was 5-2 at that point and never got any closer.

The Dodgers and Giants will meet again Saturday evening. Anything will happen.

Here’s how we blogged it:

Game Time 7:15 p.m.


Mookie Betts (no relation) gets to 1-2. He flies out to short, per se. (Hey, how’s it going? Thanks for meeting me here.)

Freddie Freeman is at 0-2. At 2-1, he bangs a single to right, all right tonight.

Trea Turner (The other Turner) Swing, batter, swing…he drives a hit up the middle, per se. Freddie Freeman leases second.

Max “Max” Muncy flies out.

Will Smith ( the other one who didn’t slap nobody) is at 1-0. The Dodgers are wearing their City Connect all Blue uniforms, by the way. Pretty snappy. 1-1. Smith flies out.


Luis Gonzales is at 2-2. He flies out to left and Chris Taylor.

Mike Yazstremski (no relation) grounds out to first.

Wilmer Flores (like the popular sandwich meat brand from Lithuania), has a count as full as possible. He flies out to left.

Dodgers 0, Giants 0.


Justin Turner is just at 2-1. He drives a single into right.

Cody Bellinger goes down swinging and not in a good way.

Chris Taylor is at 2-1. He drives one WAY deep to center for a double. Turner scores all the way from first.

Gavin Lux (no relation) is at 1-1. He moves Taylor to third with a sacrifice.

Mookie grounds out to first.

Dodgers 1, Giants 0.


Former Dodger Joc Pederson is at 2-1. 3-1. He singles hard to center. So there’s that.

Darin Ruf has two of one thing and two of the other. Now he has three of one thing.

Evan Longoria is at 1-1, while Pederson steals second. No charges filed. No one hurt. he doubles way down the left field line and Pederson scoots home.

Brandon Crawford repeats the scene and Longoria scoots home.

Thairo Estrada is at 2-1. 3-1. He flies out to first.

Curt Casali is at 0-2. Fans shout “Beat LA.” He goes down swinging.

Giants 2, Dodgers 1.


Freeman is at 3-2. Swing and a miss.

Trea Turner earns a walk, so to speak.

The previously mentioned Will Smiths at 1-2. He is strickened out.

Giants 2, Dodgers 1.


Gonzales is at 3-1. 3-2. He goes back to the dugout like he forgot something.

Yazstremski is at 1-2. 2-2. He goes back to the dugout like he forgot something.

Wilmer Flores (not the actor) goes back to the dugout like he forgot something.

Giants, 2 Dodgers 1.


Justin Turner flies out to right.

Bellinger is at 2-2. Done.

Chris Taylor loses a foot race to first.

Giants 2, Dodgers 1.


Joc Pederson Is strickened out.

Ruf homers to left field.

Longoria gets tossed out at first.

Crawford (chat show on the mound) is at 3-0. 3-1. He flies out to right.

Giants 3, Dodgers 1.


Lux homers all the way into right field on the first pitch.

Mookie is thrown out at first.

Freddie Freeman is pretty much out at first.

Trea Turner (not the glamorous Moldavian actress) strikes his own self out.

Giants 3, Dodgers 2.


Buehler is replaced by Justin Bruhl.

Caselli wins a race to first base.

Austin Slater is at 0-2. Night comes to the city as he fouls one off.

Bruhl slips and falls fielding a hit to the mound, throws it wild to first, and there are people wearing orange on second and third.

Yazstremski walks back to the dugout like he left his second set of keys there.

Flores goes to first.

Pederson is up with the bases loaded. 2-0. He triples, scoring two.

Ruf singles, scoring Flores.

Bruihl gives up three runs and lot of hits, in a pretty miserable effort.

Giants 6, Dodgers 2.


Muncy is at 0-2. Junis pulls something, falls on the mound and is slow to get up. Looks like a calf muscle perhaps. I’m not an optometrist. Chat show on the mound. John Brebbia will be pitching, per se.

Muncy is at 1-2. 2-2. He flies out to left.

Will Smith (not the hilarious Korean pumpkin Kim Chee casserole), singles to right.

Justin Turner is at 2-1.He flies out to short.

Chat show on the mound.

Bellinger is at 2-1, and flies out to left, dropping his slumping average even lower.

Giants 6, Dodgers 2.


Phil Bickford pitching for the Dodgers.

Crawford goes down in three swings.

Estrada singles to short center.

Estrada tries to steal second. Tries.

Casali is at 1-1.

Casali is way out at first.

Giants 6, Dodgers 2.


Taylor’s at a full count. He walks to first.

Lux (not the beguiling children’s TV personality) flies out to center.

Freeman stands at 2-2. Out at first.

Giants 6, Dodgers 2.

( I might have missed an out somewhere. That person is still out.)


Slater grounds out to first.

Chat show on the mound.

David Price now pitching for the Dodgers.

Yazstremski has a count full. He thinks he walked. He struck out.

Flores is at 0-2. 1-2. He flies out.

Trea Turner is out at first.

Muncy is pretty much out at first.

Smith flies out to center.

Giants 6, Dodgers 2.


Will Smith lines out.

Max Muncy grounds out.

Trea Turner lines out.

Let’s dance.

Giants 7, Dodgers 2.


Crawford flies out.

Walton grounds out.

Ruf homers. Again.

Pederson flies out.


Chris Taylor is at 2-2. He strikes out. Giants fans sing that Journey song.

FINAL: Giants 7, Dodgers 2

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