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LIVE BLOGGING WITH EDDIE RIVERA| Marlins End Dodger Win Streak with 11-3 Romp

LA riding 11-game win streak

Published on Friday, August 18, 2023 | 10:08 pm

Some losses hurt worse than others. This wasn’t  one of them. The Dodgers had their win streak handed to them by the Miami Marlins, 11-3, as starter Tony Gonsolin gave a home to the first batter he faced and then things careened downhill from there.

Early on, the Dodgers responded quickly with home runs  from Betts and Muncy, but the Marlins put up a rainbow of homers of their own, as lead off batter Jorge Solter sent two into the bleachers.

While the Dodgers prepared to almost get ready to begin to mount rallies, all fell short under the Miami home run barrage as Gonsolin distributed them among the Marlins like candy.

With the game long decided, shortstop Miguel Rojas was brought in to face the Marlins. He retired all the Marlin he faced in the ninth with a nifty combination of little league pitches.

The Dodgers will play a double header tomorrow in the face of the anticipated Sunday rain storm from Hurricane Hillary, currently churning north from Baja.

Here is how we blogged the game:


First pitch 7:10 p.m.

Jorge Soler (no relation) is  at 1-0. And then he smacks one into the right field bleachers.

Luis Arreaz hits one at James Outman for the out, man.

Josh Bell is at 1-1. 1-2. 2-2. He goes back to the dugout on strikes.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. (No relation) is at 2-2. 3-2. He gets all walked and whatnot by Gonsolin.

Jake Burger is at 2-0. (No relation). He is at 3-1. 3-2. He also gets all walked and whatnot by Gonsolin.

Bryan De La Cruz is at 1-2. 2-2. He flies out to Outman.

Marlins 1, Dodgers coming up.


Mookie Betts responds with a home run to left field on an 0-2 pitch. That is his 32nd homer, and his 11th leadofff homer.

Freddie Freeman goes  down on strikes.

Will Smith bangs one off Alcantara’s heel, and is safe at first.

Max Muncy strikes out.

JT Martinez singles to center, and Smith goes to second.

David Peralta is at 2-0. 2-2. He loses the race to first.

Dodgers 1, Marlins 1.


Jesus Sanches flies out to Outman, man.

Jacob Stallings flies out to Heyward, who barely moves.

Joey (no relation) Wendle is at 1-2. He gets shot down at first.

Dodgers 1, Marlins 1.


Jason Heyward goes to first on a boo-boo.

James Outman strikes out, man.

Miguel Rojas (no relation) ends the inning.

Dodgers 1, Marlins 1.


Solters drills his second home run of the game.

Arraez flies out to left.

Josh Bell is at 1-2. 2-2. The count be full. He gets walked.

Chisholm singles, and Bell is at second.

Burger sends a home run to center field. It’s his 27th homer this season.

De la Cruz strikes out.

Sanchez is at 2-1. He beats the throw to first on an error by Freeman.

Stallings homers deep to center field,

Wendle is out at first.

Marlins 7, Dodgers 1.


Betts strikes out.

Freeman is at 1-2, and he gets thrown out at first.

Smith flies right out to left.

Marlins 7, Dodgers 1.


Soler gets walked by Gonsolin.

Arraez doubles to deep in the right corner.

Josh Bell flies out to short left.

Chisholm homers to right on a 2-2 pitch. Gonsolin is gently removed from the proceedings. Gus Varland comes in to put out the fire, retiring two Marlin batters.

Marlins 10, Dodgers 1.


Muncy homers to right field, his 29th.

JT Martinez flies out to right.

Peralta is completely out at first.

Ahmed Rosario is hitting in the pinch, so to speak. He grounds out, 4-3, to first.

Marlins 10, Dodgers 1.


Sanchez is walked by Varland.

Stallings is down by way of strikes, if you will.

Wendle be at 2-2. He triples off the left field wall, scoring Sanchez.

Soler is strickened out.

Arraez is walked.

Bell is out at first.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 2.


Outman hits it out, man, as he bangs his 15th homer to left field.

Rojas has a count full of it. He is walked.

Chris Taylor gets in the game. And back to the dugout he goes.

Hometown fave/returnee Kiké Hernandez is at 0-2. And back to the dugout he goes.

Smith has a count which is full. He singles to centerfield and Rojas goes to third. Chat show on the mound.

Muncy grounds out to first.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.


Victor Gonzalez (no relation) pitching for the Dodgers.

Chisholm is way out at first.

Jakeburger is strickened out.

De La Cruz is so out.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.


Martinez is out at first and so is Peralta. Just not at the same time.

Ahmed Rosario is also out, as well, too.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.


Victor Gonzales now pitching for the Dodgers.

Jon Berti is strickened out.

Stallings flies out to right field.

Wendle flies out to right, as well, also, too.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.

(I was away. Very little happened. Let’s pick up the action right here.)


Soler goes nowheresville.

Avasail Garcia is strickened out.

Yule Gurriel strikes WAY out.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.


Muncy gets walked.

Austin Barnes singles and Muncy strolls to second.

Peralta singles.

Rosario is up with the bases loaded like del taco. He flies out. Bases still loaded like nachos.

Outman is at 1-2. He is strickened out.

Rojas has a full count. He gets gunned down at first.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.


Miguel Rojas is pitching (!) He retires Chisholm.

Jakeburger flies out.

De La Cruz flies out. Rojas retired three batters in a row.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3.


Chris Taylor reaches first on an error. Thrown out at second.

Will Smith is safe on a fielders choice.

Muncy flies out to left.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 3. FINAL

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