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Opinion | Bryan Witt: Why I’m Supporting Phil Hosp for Pasadena City Council

Published on Friday, March 10, 2017 | 7:34 pm

First, I would like to express my profound thanks to those who voted for me in the Primary Election of 2017. It has been an honor to participate in this process and to meet many of you during the course of this campaign.

This election became a referendum on 2 issues: development and transparency in city government. These subjects came up repeatedly and resulted in a contentious debate on more than one occasion.

I have carefully considered my decision and have concluded that we really need a change at City Hall. Just recently, several projects were approved by the City Council, in a manner that has shown an absolute contempt for basic democratic values and the notion of public consent.

One can only assume that this is because a powerful group of real estate speculators have been exercising too much influence over the affairs of our city. Therefore, the time has come for the people of Pasadena to take serious, corrective action. We can do this by voting for Phil Hosp at the runoff election on April 18th.

Most of us do not like negative campaigns, but a strong offense becomes necessary when a cabal of party insiders, big money interests and fake progressive groups, triangulate their interests to subvert the democratic process, loot the public treasury and then laugh all the way to the bank.

I don’t believe Andy is a bad person and this is certainly not an indictment of his character, but recent events have shown that it’s time for a new voice on the City Council and the people of Pasadena need to be assured that the business of our city is being conducted with fairness and transparency. I will vote for Phil at the runoff election on April 18 th and hope you will too.

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