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Parents to Protest Return of San Rafael Elementary School Principal

Published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 6:43 am

Outside Blair High School Tuesday evening, as some parents meet inside for a “Parent and Staff Dialogue” conducted by the Pasadena Unified discussing recent turmoil at San Rafael Elementary School, other parents and community members said they will stage a protest against District plans for the School’s principal to return to the campus.

“We believe it is important to expose the truth about Principal Rudy Ramirez’s years of misconduct. The recent video of Ramirez’s racist and misogynistic outburst on August 14, 2022 is one of many documented outbursts, spanning at least five years, that have harmed many people in the San Rafael Elementary community,” the group said in a press release. “ It is NOT an isolated incident.”

Ramirez came under scrutiny after he was videotaped following a police incident at the school after a caller claimed that he had seen someone with a backpack scale a school fence to enter the campus.

Police searching for the intruder briefly handcuffed the school custodian but released him after Ramirez identified him via phone.

When Ramirez arrived at the school after police called him, he looked and sounded angry.

“This is fucking bullshit — they should not be handcuffing one of my janitors,” he said. “I bet if he was white he wouldn’t have been treated like that … fuck these nosy ass white neighbors, how about when it was white kids jumping the fence vandalising [sic] classrooms and drawing dicks on the walls and leaving beer cans on the roof, no one calls.”

Ramirez’s Aug. 14 comments were captured on the body-worn camera of a security officer who had been called to the campus.

Many parents and community members supported Ramirez, who was later briefly suspended from his position.

“ Ramirez will be returning to his role as principal sometime later this month. This is not acceptable,” the release said. “A leader is someone who leads by example. Our schools deserve better leadership. Children are watching and character matters. Our children deserve better! This meeting is all about saving the image of PUSD, not about correcting wrongs.  Mr. Ramirez is not competent to be an elementary school principal or leader of any educational institution.”

Ramirez was scheduled to attend the District event and dialogue with those impacted by his behavior on Tuesday.

“We welcome current and former San Rafael Elementary parents and guardians, teachers, and other employees to attend a confidential session with counselors and professional facilitators recommended by the Community Clergy Coalition. To create a safe space where all voices are honored, these individuals will facilitate this dialogue as a neutral party seeking our community’s proactive transformation,” said Superintendent Brian McDonald in an email to the school parents, faculty and staff.

“After the events of last month, it is time for the San Rafael Elementary School community to heal and move forward, and this begins with a dialogue to process what occurred and its impact on our school,” McDonald wrote. “The first step in this process is to facilitate a conversation between the principal and those who have been adversely affected by recent events.”

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