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Pasadena Firefighters, Paramedics Extract Freeway Collision Victim; Driver Caution Urged on Rain-Slicked Roads

Published on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 | 6:26 am
Image of March 21, 2023 incident on 134 freeway courtesy Pasadena Fire Dept

A traffic collision on the westbound 134 Freeway west of Figueroa Tuesday night at around 7:20 p.m. left two people injured and required rescue efforts from the Pasadena Fire Department.

According to Pasadena Fire, firefighters responded to a roll-over collision and reports of people trapped. 

Arriving personnel extricated one patient from the vehicle. Paramedics treated one person at the scene but a second required transportation to a local hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was called to assist with traffic control and investigating the accident. 

The rain storm series has prompted many authorities to urge drivers to exercise more caution than normal while on freeways and city streets.

Below is a list of driver safety tips, courtesy of the Southern California Auto Club and State Farm Insurance:

  1. Stay alert: When driving in the rain, it is important to stay alert and focused on the road. This includes paying attention to what is happening around you and being extra cautious with merging lanes. Motorists should drive defensively, check around their vehicle and in blind spots, and take precautions when passing vehicles to prevent merging collisions.
  2. Increase your visibility by turning on your headlights: It’s the law in all states to turn on headlights during bad weather when visibility is low. Many states also require headlights to be on when the windshield wipers are on due to bad weather.
  3. Beware of hydroplaning: Hydroplaning can occur when excess water sits on top of the road, causing tires to lose traction and the vehicle to slide uncontrollably. It is important to slow down as soon as it starts raining and to slow down even more if you start to hydroplane. Take your foot off the gas pedal to allow the vehicle to slow down, then slowly begin steering in the direction you are hydroplaning until you have control. Do not jerk the wheel or you could flip your car due to overcorrecting. It is also important to check your tires’ tread depth regularly as tires with more wear increase the risk of hydroplaning.
  4. Slow down and turn off cruise control: Wet roads can be the most difficult to drive on, and driving defensively in the rain is important to reduce the chance of hydroplaning. Reduce your speed to below the speed limit and add more car lengths between you and the car in front of you. Never use cruise control during the rain as it can cause you to go faster if you start to hydroplane.
  5. Brake cautiously: One primary reason cars collide during rainstorms is because drivers slam on their brakes as if the roads were dry. Brake gently and early to alert the driver behind you that you are slowing down.
  6. Avoid the splash: Driving through a large puddle can be costly if water enters the engine compartment of your vehicle, damaging internal systems. Drive around large puddles and avoid running water. If there is a middle lane, drive in it to help increase visibility and avoid deep water that might develop when rain runs off the sides of the road.
  7. Driving in rain at night: Driving at night in the rain can be especially dangerous because of the glare of oncoming traffic amplified by the rain on your windshield. To help reduce glare, you can dim your dashboard lights, avoid looking directly at oncoming headlights, and clean both the inside and outside of your windshield. Be sure to use the ventilation system to help with the fog that might form on the inside of your windows.

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