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Pasadena Police Issued 74 Citations During Recent Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Operation

Published on Thursday, December 22, 2022 | 5:46 am

The Pasadena Police Department issued a total of 74 citations, including written warnings during the Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Operation conducted by Pasadena Police on Dec. 2.

The violations issued included speeding, jaywalking, failure to obey posted signs such as stop sign, red light or turning; unsafe lane changes, administrative violations, driving to the left of the double yellow line, distracted driving, illegal use of horn and failure to yield to a pedestrian crosswalk, the Police Department said.

“We cited 63 drivers, four cyclists and seven pedestrians,” Pasadena Police Lt. Anthony Russo said. “That includes the written warnings that we issued.”

Pasadena Police officers conducted the traffic safety operation during daytime hours, and followed this up with a DUI Saturation Patrol in the evening, looking for drivers suspected of driving under the influence.

“The focus on our traffic programs is always safety through education and enforcement,” Russo said. “The holiday season is in full swing and we would ask that everyone maintains the spirit of giving by sharing the road and looking out for one another. The best gift is the one that gets everyone home safely.”

Russo said the daytime operation was intended to remind pedestrians and bicyclists that they also have a responsibility to ensure they’re safely walking or bicycling, like being aware that there are other vehicles on the road and watching out and following traffic signals or pedestrian crossing signs.

He said 48 crashes involving bicycles were recorded in Pasadena for the year through November 30, and 43 of those crashes resulted in injury to persons.

Among pedestrians, 65 of 70 crashes resulted in injury, and three of them were fatal, Russo added. Nine pedestrians were severely injured, 36 were slightly injured and 20 suffered pain in some form.

Days before the operation, the Pasadena Police Department reminded pedestrians to always observe basic safety practices when crossing the street or walking where vehicle traffic may be busy. Those practices include being predictable and using crosswalks whenever they’re available, taking notice of approaching vehicles and practicing due care, being visible especially at dawn, dusk or at night by wearing light colors and carrying a flashlight if possible, and not walking or running into the path of a vehicle.

As for vehicle drivers, Russo said they should be aware that more people would be out during the holidays and should be more careful when driving.

“The fact is whether you travel by foot, bike or car we are all in a hurry to get somewhere. If everyone exercises a little more patience for each other we could prevent crashes and save lives.” he added. “The OTS (the California Office of Traffic Safety) gives us a lot of the agency’s money to perform these programs and to educate the public. And that’s important to us, especially with the holidays right now.”

Funding for the Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Operation and the DUI Saturation Patrol is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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