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Pasadena Vice Mayor Felicia Williams and Peace Over Violence Team Up For Women’s Self Defense

Published on Thursday, October 12, 2023 | 6:01 am

Pasadena Vice Mayor Felicia Williams and nonprofit Peace Over Violence have joined forces to organize an empowering self-defense workshop for women in the city this week, acknowledging this is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

The interactive class on Saturday, Oct. 14, will be held at the Victory Park Community Center at 2575 Paloma Street. It will focus on teaching easy-to-use techniques such as awareness, assertiveness, safety strategies, and physical techniques. 

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to learn about local resources available for domestic violence support in Pasadena.

The event promotes empowerment, safety, and community unity, providing women with essential skills and confidence. Open to individuals of all fitness levels, attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable attire and come prepared to engage both mentally and physically.

“The goal is to increase awareness of domestic violence, the resources available, and empower women to recognize, report, and stand up to domestic violence,” Williams said. “These are very difficult topics to discuss, but creating a safe space for women to help themselves and others is also a key to prevention, and that is the goal of the program.”

Williams said the workshop is open to women over 12 years of age. She hopes for more participation from younger women. Some topics will be about dating violence, she said. 

“I hope this is the first in a series of more frequent events, especially for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October each year,” Williams added. “I am always focused on building partnerships and connections in the community so the sky’s the limit for what participants can do afterwards with their new friendships.”

The workshop will also provide information on identifying domestic violence and abusive relationships.

Peace Over Violence, a sexual and domestic violence prevention center headquartered in Los Angeles, has collaborated with the City of Pasadena to provide counseling, housing, legal, and other services to victims and their families. Its West San Gabriel Valley Center is at 892 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Suite D in Pasadena. 

Other organizations such as Shepherd’s Door and Huntington Health will also be present to provide support and medical information. 

The impact of events like the Women’s Empowerment Self-Defense Class will contribute to the broader goal of building a safer, more empowered community. Vice Mayor Williams emphasizes the importance of community building and being there for one another. 

This is good old-fashioned community building so we can be there for each other and be stronger together,” Williams said.

To join the class, interested individuals can RSVP to

The event is open to all members of the community and offers an opportunity to gain essential skills, confidence, and support in creating a safer environment for women in Pasadena.

For more information, visit

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