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Planning Commission to Consider $30 Million in Central Library Improvements and Other Major CIP Projects

Improvements also scheduled for Victory Park and Hill Avenue Library

Published on Monday, March 22, 2021 | 1:31 pm
(Photo courtesy Visit Pasadena)

The Planning Commission will consider recommending to the City Council that 10 projects proposed for inclusion in the capital improvement program for fiscal years 2022-2026 are consistent with the city’s General Plan.

The projects include roof replacements at the Hill Avenue Library and the Victory Park Recreation Center and a $75,000 assessment of the roof, electrical systems, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems at City Hall.

Although routine maintenance has been performed on the building since the retrofit of the building in 2007, some building systems are beginning to approach the end of their lifespan and require inspection and assessment to develop a comprehensive replacement program.

In 2018, a consultant completed a comprehensive building assessment of city-owned facilities to identify immediate maintenance and capital needs. The facilities condition assessment 2017-2018 identified the roof systems at Victory Park Recreation Center and Hill Avenue Library as being in poor condition and in need of replacement. That project will cost $600,000.

But those aren’t the only libraries in need of improvement. According to the report, $30 million would be spent on building system upgrades and replacements at the Central Library including a fire alarm system and a new fire sprinkler system; roof replacement; replacement of domestic, sanitary, and stormwater piping systems, replacement of mechanical heating and cooling systems, including ductwork, electrical upgrades, seismic structural upgrades, and improvements to the exterior courtyard.

The city will also spend $600,000 to replace underground fuel storage tanks that are reaching the end of their usefulness. The fueling sites service the city’s fleet and equipment, public safety, transportation, and animal control vehicles. 

According to a city staff report, “state law authorizes planning agencies to review a city’s Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) for their consistency with the General Plan.”

The Planning Commission is authorized to make recommendations on matters which affect implementation of the General Plan and the “…orderly physical growth and development of the city,” including capital improvements. 

The entire recommended fiscal years 2022-2026 capital improvement projects must be submitted to the City Council’s Finance Committee for review and recommendation and will be presented to the City Council for adoption. 

The new projects were evaluated against the city’s General Plan, and staff concluded that each new project would advance the goals, policies, and/or objectives of several General Plan elements such as the land use, mobility, and safety elements. 

Other projects include an $800,000 Greenway Bike Boulevard implementation project.

The project provides for the design of enhancements to the accessibility and safety of the bicycle network along four north-south corridors identified as Greenways, including street segments of El Molino, Wilson, Sierra Bonita and Craig avenues.

The design effort would include neighborhood outreach along each corridor as part of the final design process.

Other projects include a new customer integrated system for the city’s Water and Power Department and $7,105,000 for cable replacement between the Santa Anita and Chester substations. 

According to the report, $300,000 would be needed to replace customer equipment such as transformers, switches, junctions, cable, resettable faults interrupter. 

An additional $381,000 would be spent on the design, installation, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities for wastewater and stormwater at the power plant. 

The Glenarm Power Plant conditions water, stores and produces wastewater, and is subject to state and federal regulations that require more stringent control of trace amounts of oil, metals and other solids in stormwater and plant wastewater discharges to sewers and storm drains. This project will be used to design and install facilities to meet regulations and ensure proper handling of water and wastewater as needed for efficient and reliable power plant operations.

The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and can be viewed at

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