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Political Gumbo: Going to Need More of an Explanation

Published on Monday, January 23, 2023 | 5:00 am

The City Council’s Municipal Services Committee will consider recommending a resolution to the City Council that would declare a climate emergency and set the City on a path to meet greenhouse gas reductions well ahead of the state’s 2045 target.

Newsom has already signed legislation that would achieve carbon neutrality no later than the aforementioned 2045 and 90% clean energy by 2035.

That legislation would also establish new setback measures protecting communities from oil drilling, capture carbon pollution from the air and advance nature-based solutions.

As part of the $54 billion investment, over the next two decades, the California Climate Commitment is scheduled to create 4 million new jobs, cut air pollution by 60%, reduce state oil consumption by 91%, save California $23 billion by avoiding the damages of pollution, reduce fossil fuel use in buildings and transportation by 92% and cut refinery pollution by 94%.

That’s pretty good.

So here’s the question, why do we need to go sooner? 

No, I have no problem with the resolution, but somebody needs to lay out the why.

If the City accelerates its goals for carbon neutrality before the 2045 deadline, it’s going to lead to higher rates for local customers.

And yes, no matter how big the emergency is, the local customers deserve answers. 

That point has to be thoroughly discussed by all sides involved, the local utility, local residents and the activists in the Pasadena 100 Coalition.

“We’re all gonna die,” is not exactly thorough research. 

Before the City Council passes this, a lot of research needs to be done by staff with the “how come” and the “why now” included.

By the way, miss me with your comments if you’re going to act like your cause can’t be scrutinized.

We have too much of that in the City already.

Yeah I know climate change is a real thing.

But so is the struggle to keep the lights on.

If this has to be done before 2045, which the coalition claims, how do we take care of people that have been slammed by skyrocketing inflation and have already been hit by rising natural gas prices?

Respect to the mayor for speaking out on that matter. 

I’m not dogging the cause or even discounting the claims.

My point is the little guy always seems to get the shaft in these causes.

Seems like nobody takes up that cause.

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