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Political Gumbo: I Hate This Game!!!

Published on Thursday, November 10, 2022 | 1:13 pm

Two kids are playing a game, you can choose which game it is.

Kid A establishes a strong lead and is winning the game.

Kid B does everything he can to catch up and win, but at some point his efforts become futile.

So …

He kicks the board in the air and proclaims the game unfair and storms off as game pieces rain down from on high.

Sadly that scenario, which a lot of of us have seen in children, is playing out among grown people.

Some residents in District 3 now claim that the appointment process used to place nearly half a dozen people on the City Council to fill vacancies is unconstitutional.

We all know the story.

John J. Kennedy died tragically in July.

The City Charter mandates the city to fill the position within 75 days of the vacancy. Three men pulled papers for the seat: Pastor Lucious Smith, Brandon Lamar and Justin Jones.

The Council appointed Jones 5-1-1. Jess Rivas voted against the appointment and Steve Madison abstained.

Stay with me, here’s where it takes a crazy turn.

At that time, many of the people now claiming the process is unconstitutional supported Lamar.

After Lamar did not get the nod, first there was an effort to flip councilmembers and then .. poof … it’s unconstitutional.

This is not a criticism of Smith, Lamar or Jones.

Each man presented his case to the City Council and for the most part followed the rules.

But the people acting like they are about to storm the Council Chambers in search of Mike Pence need to stop.

I get it you wanted a special election, so did I. But that’s not what the charter says.

And yes some of the people pushing this idea don’t even live in D3. Actually some of them don’t even live in Pasadena.

As Altadena’s favorite son, wait is that me or Steve Lamb, either way I implore you, stay in your lane.

When Chris Holden put forth a motion for Joel Bryant’s appointment, the process was fine.

Likewise when Terry Tornek supported Andy Wilson.

And yes Victor Gordo put forth the motion to appoint Jess Rivas.

No one said a word then.

The difference here is sadly Kennedy is not here to make a motion for his replacement.

I will not get into who I think John would have supported.

But I will say this.

I don’t think he would support this idea that the process is unconstitutional.

He participated in this very process without pause or complaint and voted for Rivas and Wilson.

Here’s the deal folks, Justin Jones represents District 3.

There was a vote of the City Council in concert with the City Charter.

Now everybody wants to act like the victory is tainted because some of the Muir players left the school to play for PHS .. oh wait .. that’s something else.

It’s time to move forward.

Jones represents D3. The people will have their say soon enough.

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