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Political Gumbo: They Should Call it The ‘NFL’ Cup

Published on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 | 6:25 am

So, the World Cup is not coming to the Rose Bowl after all.

But guess where it is going.

NFL stadiums.

Here are the NFL teams that play in the chosen stadiums.

The stadiums for the Falcons, Texans, Dolphins, Eagles, Seahawks, Chiefs, Cowboys, Patriots, 49ers, Jets and Giants, and Rams and Chargers will all host World Cup games.

Why not just call it the NFL Cup.

It’s an interesting list, and I see a theme here.

Outside of the Rams and the Patriots, the rest of those teams couldn’t beat John Muir in the Turkey Tussle.

Maybe one of the qualifications to host the World Cup was the stadium also has to host an NFL team that sucks. 

Well the Jets and the Giants don’t suck, they really suck and the Cowboys, well. The Cowboys choke.

Seriously, every time the Cowboys lose a game, an angel gets its wings. 

The World Cup landed in a stadium owned by a billionaire that can’t run a football team.

In turn it will cost millions in improvements to host the soccer matches.

I wonder who’s going to pay for that.

Not the Billionaire’s Boys Club.

I originally had the word white before billionaire, but I took it out. I don’t want to mention race. 

Glad I didn’t bring it up.

Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City needs $50 million in improvements. They are going to look to the state for the cash and private fundraising. 

But don’t be fooled, the cost is going to be passed on to the people. 

In Missouri, they preemptively passed a bill to exempt FIFA tickets from sales taxes.

Wow, I wonder how much people are paying for gasoline over there. Maybe they could …

Naw. Come on that wouldn’t be right.

I mean after all discounting tickets to an event where grown men are kicking a ball is more important.

The Rose Bowl is America’s Stadium. Whoever decided to overlook the Grandaddy of Them All is out of their tree.

Wait, does the tournament have the rights to that phrase or the city? Meh, either way First Amendment > Trademark.

If you don’t know what > stands for, stop reading and go back to See Jane Run. 

The World Cup would have led to major dollars and revenue for the iconic stadium. 

Time to stop arguing about the budget and find a way to get some duckets. Seriously, we don’t have an NFL team that sucks, so we need to take some action to bring cash in the stadium.

Get it together. 

Got to go, I’m heading down to the Linda Vista area to put an offer on a house. I’m going to let the realtor know that I plan to pass the cost on to other people. 

Of course they’ll give me the keys after that.

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