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Reader Opinion: Making California Count

Published on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 | 7:31 am

Despite the breathless new reports emanating from New Hampshire, this wonderful New England state represents only a tiny fraction of voters in America. Total voter turnout today will be an estimated 325,000 people and that number includes a number of independents who can vote for Republican candidates. Even if you add the 150,000 who voted in last week’s Iowa caucus, the total is still less than 500,000. And yet Romney will somehow emerge the “winner.” The media and the Republican establish­ment chorus will proclaim him the inevitable nominee. If they weren’t so serious in urging this, it would be laughable.

To put all of this in perspective, let’s look at some other numbers. There are approximately 55 million registered Republicans across the country. There are over 5 MILLION registered Republicans in California. In Los Angeles County there are over 1,000,000 registered Republicans. There are over 300,000 registered Republicans in the City of Los Angeles alone. Never mind Texas, Florida, New York and the rest of the South. And yet with less than 1% of the vote cast, we have people telling us that this thing is over.

So what’s going on here? I’ll tell you. They’re not just trying to shut down the nomination process by systematically trashing each and every Conservative Republican. What they are really trying to do is to shut down the debate itself. Even though the Great Debate about America — where we are, where we’ve been and, most important, where we’re headed — hasn’t even begun, they’re trying their best to shut it down.

They don’t want to talk about socialism, the loss of our liberties, confiscatory taxation, massive debt, the de facto taxation of future generations without representation, destructive regulation, a rogue President, a rogue Congress and a rogue Judiciary. Instead, we are forced to watch these so-called debates “moderated” by so-called journalists asking moronic questions and “what-if” scenarios that prevent viewers from learning about the real policy differences between candidates. But I digress.

Back to the point. America hasn’t even started to vote and everyone in the major media and even many in the rank and file want to hurry up and decide on a candidate without having a real debate on the issues. What’s the big rush? In California, all Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party people must insist that we have the Great Debate and make sure that we get to par­ticipate in it.

Getting involved is the only way for you to make a difference in 2012. Volunteer, contribute, call, walk and get educated on is­sues. This is citizenship 101 for Americans. The luxury of staying at home is no longer an option. The only option left is to Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”) in June (California primary) and November.

Remember, in politics, THE ONLY THING THAT COUNTS IS THE VOTE. You don’t change anything unless and until you change your representatives. Anything else is a distraction. Direct voter contact wins elections. Period. If Republicans want to win big in November then our voter contact must be more effective than ever.

This is what TeaPAC does: Direct Voter Contact, i. e., getting out the vote in support of conservative principles and conservative candidates who want to restore limited, constitutional government. Electing the president of the United States is important, but equally as important is electing competent, common sense conservatives from the city council to the state government. Despite what the pundits on the left would have you believe, your vote counts—now more than ever.

Because 2012 is a presidential election year and, arguably, the most important election since 1860, we have a unique oppor­tunity to talk to our neighbors. We can use this primary election as a means to get Californians involved in a way they haven’t been involved since Ronald Reagan. If we don’t let the media and the Republican establishment abort the primary process, this race could be a lot closer than people think. And if it is, California is in a unique position to choose the next president. Let’s make sure they don’t count us out again. Remember, if they ignore us before the election, they will surely ignore us afterward. We Californians simply can’t allow that to happen. For that matter any state in the country shouldn’t allow this to happen.

We have community walks and phone banking activities on-going so if you want to get involved contact us at or (626) 792-1772. “Taking Back America…One Tea Party at a Time!”

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