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Ronnie Lippin Cancer Support Program Brings Hope to Those Facing Cancer

Published on Thursday, September 19, 2013 | 1:01 pm

A new opportunity for those facing cancer in Los Angeles is available at no charge –The Ronnie Lippin Cancer Support Program. This program is located at Cancer Support Community in Pasadena and West Los Angeles and is privately funded from a grant by Tower Cancer Research Foundation from The Lippin Family Trust, established by donor Dick Lippin.

Dick Lippin knows the terrible angst caused by a cancer diagnosis in the family. He and his family lived through it when his wife, Ronnie, was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare type of breast cancer. How does a family find support during this time? He also knows the ambiguity loved ones face during cancer treatment. He knows how perplexing it feels to have to make important choices without concrete information to base those decisions upon. As an experienced businessman, Dick was used to making tough decisions together with Ronnie as his business partner in their company. But dealing with cancer was very difficult and extremely challenging to him.

Because Dick Lippin knows how frustrating living through a cancer diagnosis can be, he requested The Lippin Family Trust at Tower Cancer Research Foundation provide a grant for funding a new and unique program, in memory of Ronnie, to provide services that fill the information gap for cancer patients and their families in Los Angeles County. The Ronnie Lippin Cancer Support Program provides a free service for people facing cancer at two Cancer Support Community affiliates, one located in Pasadena and one located in West Los Angeles. “ As the largest, professionally led, nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the Cancer Support Community, formerly known as The Wellness Community, is an excellent place to begin this new program of support for cancer patients,” noted Lippin.

Lippin’s idea is to provide a place where families can ask the questions that are difficult to pose to their doctors and health care providers. No question is out of bounds. Questions are fielded by CSC facilitators (some of the most experienced and highly trained mental health experts in cancer care in the country) during personal meetings and/or over the telephone. “My hope is that no one has to suffer in silence and they have a place to turn as they deal with cancer, “added Lippin. Backed by evidence that the best cancer care includes social and emotional support, the Cancer Support Community offers services free of charge to men, women and children with any type or stage of cancer and to their loved ones.

Since February, CSC Pasadena and CSC West Los Angeles have been distributing information to area hospitals, to oncologists and through their own facilities. The program is simple – if you are facing a barrier during cancer treatment, if you have a question that isn’t being answered, if you feel alone and don’t know where to turn – call The Ronnie Lippin Cancer Support Program. Specific information will be provided to help those facing a challenge or referrals offered to meet additional requests or needs. Dick noted, “The program is simple — provide the information people facing cancer need during this excruciating time – as the following story from Pasadena’s Ronnie Lippin Program outlines.”

For more information, visit the Cancer Support Community at


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