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Software Powering Pasadena Company’s Robotic Kitchen Assistant Now Available as Standalone Product

Published on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | 1:09 pm
A worker uses CookRight software while preparing a dish in an undated photo provided by Miso Robotics.

The artificial intelligence-powered software serving as the brain of a robotic kitchen assistant created by a Pasadena company is now being sold as a standalone product to assist human cooks, the company announced Tuesday.

Miso Robotics, maker of the Flippy burger grilling and French fry frying robot, is now selling the CookRight software by itself, allowing restaurants to incorporate its sensors and artificial intelligence to help its human counterparts to cook up safer, tastier and more consistent food, the company said in a written statement.

Rather than installing an entire Flippy robot system, customers now also have the option of instead using a computer and tablet to access the software, along with a small camera to serve as CookRight’s eye, according to representatives.

“CookRight’s first platform application is focused on the grill and will deliver new levels of precision, quality and efficiency to restaurants — a long-standing gap within the industry,” the statement said. “As operators look to rebound from the effects of the pandemic, Miso Robotics brings a data-driven operational approach to enhance customer satisfaction and curb costs to help move the industry into long-term recovery and new growth.”

The system can automatically identify foods placed on a grill, determine how best to cook them, monitor their progress carefully and give alerts to the cook, according to Miso.

Miso Robotics President and Chairman Buck Jordan said the system’s strength is its smarts.

“The beauty of CookRight and its machine learning capabilities is that it can literally learn how to identify any item placed on a grill and know how long it needs to be cooked, moved or flipped in real-time,” he said.

“CookRight obtains unprecedented amounts of information on kitchen operations that have never been captured before, leading to better food for customers, a better workplace for kitchen staff and cost savings for restaurant owners,” Jordan added. “It’s the partner restaurant operators and staff need in the kitchen. This is a critical time for the industry and solutions like CookRight can truly turn the tide and move us into recovery.”

More information on Miso Robotics is available on the company’s website at


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