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Published on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 | 1:00 am

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Feb. 10 Los Robles Development

Immutable forces at play here:

Population is not going to shrink – and the roads aren’t going to get any wider.

Another way to look at this?

“You’re not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.”

Consider addressing the root causes (sprawl, cheap gas and car culture). Then draw solutions from an array of proven tools that include public policy support for transit, telecommuting, carpooling, and micromobility. This should also include a safe, attractive network of pedestrian routes and bicycle lanes for the 35% of vehicle trips that are under 2 miles (per the most recent Federal Highway Administration household travel survey data).

Greg Gunther


Feb. 7 NAACP to Rally

So why would an active Fire Chief be assigned to work on an Alerting System. That sounds like a crock of S**T!, What is with the Diversity in the Department. This sounds as if they are keeping him quiet, it seems to me that Pasadena needs more Diversity in Government and get off the Good old Boy way of thinking. Minority people of Pasadena speak up and have a voice, Stop this non-sense that has probably been going on from day one.

Kenneth Long


Feb. 2 Political Gumbo

Kevin Wheeler did show up to the Climate Action Forum and lost the D-4 straw poll 43-9 to Charlotte Bland.

It is not high school students’ jobs to be updating city documents such as the Climate Action Plan. Not only should we be enjoying the last years at home before potentially going off to college (and enjoying the stresses of applying to colleges), but we’re not climate scientists. We’re students who can obviously see that the city’s current plan is barely measurable in terms of action items. It is the city’s and elected officials’ jobs to amend these plans. We will help, because we know it likely won’t be aggressive enough if we don’t make ourselves involved, but we should not have to do this. Plus suggesting that we get on the EAC (which doesn’t have a vacant seat until later this year) is strange when it’s a three year term and many of us will be away at college.

Ozzy Simpson


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