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Published on Friday, February 28, 2020 | 7:00 am

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On the Coronavirus

[This letter was addressed to City Manager Steve Mermell and Mayor Terry Tornek]

[Wednesday] the Mayor of San Francisco declared a State of Emergency over the looming coronavirus pandemic. President Trump has submitted a $2.25 billion dollar funding request to Congress in response to the coronavirus pandemic and later today will be holding a news conference.

The Democratic leadership is requesting $8.5 billion dollars in funding. Let’s not wait for the first coronavirus virus case to be reported in Pasadena. I propose that the following preventive measures be taken immediately: Declare a State of Emergency;
Submit a request for funding to the federal government for Pasadena’s response to the crisis in the amount of $1 million dollars; Train our paramedics in how to test for the coronavirus virus; Set up Pasadena Health Department Coronavirus Testing Centers in all public and private schools, fire stations, the Health Department, the Senior Center, the Pasadena Police Jail, and all public parks that are suitable;

Issue a request to the Pasadena medical community for doctors and nurses, and even those who are retired, to volunteer to help staff the Pasadena Health Department’s Coronavirus Virus Testing Centers; Make coronavirus testing available to all students in public and private schools, all residents of Pasadena and the homeless residing in our city; Launch a citywide education campaign on the coronavirus crisis;

Make face masks immediately available through the Pasadena Health Department.

Appoint a Citizens Coronavirus Task Force.

Yes, I know that this is an ambitious plan, but it must be implemented immediately.

The time to take action is now!

William Paparian
[Former Mayor of Pasadena]


Your article this morning about COVID-19 included a statement “Locally all patients at Huntington Hospital are being tested for the virus” — This is not accurate. We do not test every patient that comes to Huntington Hospital for the COVID-19. We receive many different types of patients with a wide range of conditions. The correct language is “We continue to screen all patients entering our facility for signs and symptoms of communicable diseases and implement inflection prevention and control practices to protect our patients, visitors and staff.”

For example, your statement might lead people to think we are testing patients for the novel coronavirus in addition to treating them for a heart condition. Thank you for clarifying this important point with your readers.

Dorey Huston
Manager, Public Relations & Media
Huntington Hospital


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