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We Get (More) Letters: Understanding the Danger of ‘Land Use’ and How it Impacts our Community

Published on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 | 2:03 pm

I used to believe a well planned new development is often for the betterment of the community. I was a strong supporter of the Gateway project on 3200 East Foothill from the get-go.  A total of 550 apartment units (481 market rate units, 23 moderate income units and 46 low income units) and 9,800 SF of retail/restaurant space would be included among the buildings.  Wonderful, what is not to like about this, and above all, it is close to the Gold line.

The issue is in the execution of this plan. The developer’s plan does not require full cleanup. Instead, most carcinogens will be left in place. That is why the so-called  “land-use control”  will be used.  Basically, the developers will place plastic liners under buildings, and do on-site air monitoring. Therefore, instead of conducting a proper clean up, they elected to use plastic liners under the buildings to prevent the leaking of toxins into air. Of course, they know it will leak. That’s whey they also need to monitor the air. The sad truth is, by the time they know there is a leak, it is way too late, because serious health harm will already have been done.

At least at the present, the toxins are covered by the asphalt caps and near by residents are protected. 

By the way, why are we even considering letting a developer monitor our air? This situation is a classic example of “fox guarding the hen house” which harms us and our city.

Let’s also not forget the open-air excavation and grading that will jeopardize the safety of the 5,000+ Pasadena residents who live within one mile of the toxic site. This risk is why scientists said that site excavators must use hoses to vacuum the toxic contaminants directly into hazardous-waste containers, so that no Pasadena residents will be put at risk.

Socorro Bayan – Pasadena Resident 

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