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What Makes a Swimming Class Worth It?

Look around and no doubt you will find a lot of swimming classes being offered. But what should you look out for to get your money's (and time's) worth?

Published on Monday, September 9, 2013 | 5:49 pm

One of the life skills worth learning, no matter how old you are, is swimming. You can ride a bike, drive a car, or even play a musical instrument, but without swimming checked off your list of life skills, you won’t fully understand its importance.

The importance of learning how to swim is like learning to change the oil of your car. You probably won’t need it everyday, but when you do, you’ll be glad you know how.

Finding a swim school that offers swim classes is easy. But finding one that’s worth your time and money is a bit more difficult. But what are the things to look out for in a swim school?

First is a solid reputation. A good swim school will not hesitate to show you their swim program if they are confident with it. Also, past clients who are happy will let you know. When looking for a swim school, try to ask around first what others think.

Another thing to consider is the maintenance and quality of the facilities. This would also include how comfortable you are in the facility. Is the water temperature just right? How about the overall ambience? A well-maintained pool with world-class facilities means that the school is serious about its swim program. Besides, you wouldn’t want to swim in a decrepit pool with murky, icy water would you?

Be sure to note too, that the class you are enrolling in employs qualified staff. This really speaks for itself because a school without a qualified teacher is not a school at all.

A progressive approach to swimming and water safety skills is also important to consider. From the basics to advanced techniques, a good swim class should inculcate in its students the proper way to swim. As for water safety, it goes without saying, that should anything go wrong, teachers should educate their students on how to take care of themselves at all times in the water.

Also, a comprehensive and professional program should be available. Students who wish to further their swimming lessons should be able to do so, and a good school will have a range of classes form beginner to advanced.

Class size is also important when considering a swim class. The lower the number of students per class, the better. A controlled class with low student counts per class will ensure that students get the attention they need and not have to compete for one-on-one assistance with the teacher.

For parents and students who wish to learn how to swim the best possible way, you can’t go wrong with Waterworks Aquatics. With its two indoor pools heated to 93 degrees year round, private and semi-private swim lessons, parent and me lessons, stroke clinic classes, , adult lessons, qualified staff, and comprehensive swim programs, Waterworks Aquatics has all the criteria needed to be a great swim school.

To learn more about the swim programs and different classes offered by Waterworks Aquatics, visit for more information.

You can also call (626) 836-1200 or email for more details.

Waterworks Aquatics Pasadena is located at 2290 East Foothill Boulevard.


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