A Successful National Coffee with a Cop Day with Southwestern Academy

The atmosphere crackled with excitement on Wednesday morning at Southwestern Academy when San Marino PD detectives and officers made their way on to campus, to a crowd of wide-eyed students ready to greet them on National Coffee with a Cop day. Fresh donuts and iced coffees were lined up, ready for Student Government to distribute to their honored guests.

All across the quad, students and San Marino PD members were bustling with conversation. Several students were even treated to a lesson on different tools officers carry with them for protection. Corporal Wong demonstrated and explained the uses of their taser, pepper spray, baton, and hand cuffs, answering any questions students had. Fascinated students were also able to watch a video of Officer Lopez during training, showing students how painful tasers and pepper sprays can actually be. What an exciting learning session!

Thank you to Detectives Cordischi, Hernandez, and Golden, Officers Peña, Lopez, Live, and Corporal Wong, for visiting and enjoying some very well-deserved treats. Southwestern Academy is grateful to the wonderful San Marino Police Department for keeping our community safe.

Southwestern Academy is excited to see them again next year!

Southwestern Academy, 2800 Monterey Road, San Marino, (626) 799-5010 or visit www.southwesternacademy.edu.





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