Alverno Heights Academy: What A Day in Women’s History!

What a day in women’s history! History has its eyes on the country on Wednesday, just as it did nearly 100 years ago when the Women’s Right to Vote was ratified. And today the first African-American, first Asian-American and first Woman took the Vice Presidential Oath of Office.

Aside from political parties or the complications of civics, Jan 20th was a day of tradition and procedure that has been the bedrock of these United States for centuries. It too is the bedrock for the Alverno Student Union government system, where students run for President and Vice President, Governor or Assemblymember, and take an official oath of office at its very own inauguration.

As an all-girls school Alverno Heights Academy (AHA) constantly try to focus on teaching the stories of women who fought for what was right, on women who made history for their courage or strength, on women who gave everything for their fellow women to be where they are. “Today our students are living through a monumental moment in history; and rather than reading it from a book, they are seeing it with their own eyes. Years from now they will be able to share with their own children and grandchildren, the day they witnessed a woman of color, from a blended family, take the second highest oath in the land.”

When they think back to this image of Vice President Kamala Harris taking her oath of office, they can be reminded of their ability to break any barrier that stands in their way. The possibilities are endless, their dreams can come true, as long as they continue to live with grace, respect and drive.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 is a day Alverno students, Faculty and community will not soon forget. AHA students, now more than ever, can envision themselves standing on those Capitol steps. Wednesday, Alverno Heights Academy celebrated a moment for all of its students, for all little girls… “if you want it, you can do it!”

Madame Vice President Harris is the first but she will not be the last. Who knows – AHA’s very first female president may very well be an Alverno alumnae and Alverno will be here for it!

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About Alverno Heights Academy

Alverno Heights Academy is an all-girls, independent, progressive Catholic, college preparatory school dedicated to its mission of empowering each young woman to be exactly the person she wants to be. Located on the property of the former Barlow Estate in Sierra Madre, California, Alverno Heights Academy was founded in 1960 by the Sisters of St. Francis who sought to create an environment in the San Gabriel Valley where young women could become informed and knowledgeable persons. Later renamed Alverno High School and sponsored by the Immaculate Heart Community, Alverno’s program—academic, spiritual, aesthetic, social, and physical—has been shaped by the staff, trustees, and students. As Alverno Heights Academy once again, the school remains committed to its mission by encouraging each of their young women to be who they imagine. For more information about Alverno Heights Academy, please visit


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