Assumption School: Learning from Home

The past few weeks have seen increasing numbers of schools across the Greater Pasadena area moving to online-only learning. Hundreds of thousands of teachers are busy at work to move their face-to-face lessons online. Designing online courses takes significant time and effort. Online learning can be hard for young students too who are new to this mode of learning. ABVM teachers understand that their student families can’t easily set up a school-like environment – with computers, quiet spaces to work and hands-on support – to keep them learning while they’re stuck for weeks at home and in the same manner teachers have little or no time to prepare for the COVID-19 disruption, teachers from every corner of the state are suddenly having to figure out how to help their online students learn at home. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary thanks both the teachers and parents who made it possible to learn in so short a time to make it work and various online solutions provided by the state and local organizations have somehow made it a success for everyone involved and the kids and teachers are enjoying it too!

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