Assumption School’s Certificate of Merit Program

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School (ABVM)’s Certificate of Merit Program is designed to challenge high achieving students to explore an area of personal interest in addition to the regular school curriculum. The program is open for students in 2nd – 8th grade. Students can only participate in one subject area each year.

The Certificate of Merit can be earned in several areas: Reading, History/Social Science, Math, Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Community Service, Technology, Sports, and Religion.

There is no risk for your child if he or she signs up, but is unable to finish. The project will not be part of his or her grade in any subject and no materials will be placed in the student’s file if they are not able to complete it.

ABVM recognize the extra effort involved in completing Certificate of Merit, and the school is planning several activities to recognize students who go the extra mile and complete the program:

• Be awarded a Certificate of Merit for their project. A copy of the certificate will be placed in the child’s cumulative record.
• An opportunity to showcase their project at International Dinner
• The real value of the program, however, goes beyond any of these awards. It provides the opportunity for your child to explore an area of special interest while developing other critical skills.

The Certificate of Merit is a project that will take place over the year. The meetings will be after-school with the teacher mentor and with other students that selected the same area of study. At each meeting, it is expected that your child has a different part of their project completed. During the year, students should save all parts of their project. They will be asked to make a display for International Dinner on May 11th.

Sign-ups begin on November 6th through Novmber 10, 2019. The first meeting on November 15, after-school, is to help your child establish their project plan. On all other dates, your child will be expected to have parts of their project completed. Please have your child bring the completed parts of their project to school on these days for their meeting.

Meeting Dates for 2017-2018 Year are as follows:

November 15
December 13
January 17
February 14
March 14
April 18 Final Meeting
April 26 Projects on display at International Dinner

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary School, 2660 E. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 793-2089 or visit












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