Aveson Charter Schools: School of Leaders

Aveson School of Leaders (ASL) provides TK-5th-grade students with an innovative educational experience that encourages them to be self-motivated lifelong learners and prepared to make a difference in the world they live. We balance academics with social-emotional, healthy living, and social leadership skill-building.

Students learn in small, multi-age classrooms. These configurations encourage cooperation and synergy between students and allow advisors to gain a deeper understanding of their students. Each day begins with advisory where students learn about community and self-awareness. Every ASL class practices a mindful core breathing exercise during every transition throughout their day.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

ACS Aveson School of Leaders TK program is developmentally based and focuses on kindergarten readiness. We balance play with social-emotional skill building with early childhood academics.

ASL’s program features small group instruction, individual work time and play. TK students learn in a spacious classroom with easy access to the Aveson garden and playground. Transitional Kindergarten students are guaranteed a spot in Aveson’s regular kindergarten program the following year.

To be eligible for TK, students must turn 5 years of age between September 2 and December 2 of the fall year in which they wish to enroll.


Kindergarten is the beginning of elementary school and a time to build on the early childhood academics and social emotional skills introduced in Transitional Kindergarten. It is developmentally based and focuses on Aveson School of Leader’s three basic subjects: literacy, math and projects.

ASL kinder students learn in small group instruction, individual work time, experiential learning, and play. Kindergarten is held in spacious classrooms with an attached outdoor learning space.

1st-2nd Grade

First and second grade students begin to expand their learning to build a basic foundation for academic learning. Literacy and math/projects are taught through a two-advisor team teaching approach. Students begin their day in a same-grade advisory period and then rotate into academic groups that are organized according to learning style and level of mastery.

Students are assessed continually throughout the year to ensure that all students receive the right instruction at the right time and are mastering academic skills at a pace that is right for them. They move between math/projects and literacy classrooms throughout the day and learn via small group instructions, learning centers, and individual work time.

3rd – 5th Grade

In third through fifth grades, literacy, math, and projects are taught in a three-advisor team teaching model. Each advisor teaches a single subject and students rotate between classrooms throughout the day. They begin the day in their multi-age advisories and rotate together as an advisory through each single-subject classroom throughout the day.

Students learn through small and large group instruction and individual work time. This is the time when ASL students lean into being independent, self-directed learners. Advisors support this transition through social emotional learning and leadership skill building. Students learn at a pace that is right for them through a personalized collaborative advisor-student relationship.

Hybrid Homeschool Program

ASL is home to the innovative, highly personalized independent study school. Learn more about the Aveson Center for Independent Study here.


Aveson School of Leaders (ASL), 1919 Pinecrest Drive, Altadena, (626) 797-1440 or visit https://www.aveson.org/aveson-school-of-leaders.





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