Aveson Global Leadership Academy

Aveson Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) empowers 6th – 12th-grade students to be active participants in their education and post-high school life. Students graduate from AGLA with a resume of academic success, social leadership skills, and healthy living practices.

They emerge as confident leaders who know themselves deeply and can advocate for themselves and their community. These achievements are accomplished through small class sizes, a highly supportive advisory system, and a democratic, close-knit learning community.

Middle School (6-8)

In middle school, all students take English, math, science, history, and PE, rotating through class periods. Advisors guide students through units of study, called course studies, where they bring student interest and choice into the lessons. Often, current events influence course studies, bringing context and connection to the real world.

Daily Advisory classes provide students with a “school family” where they form connections and have social-emotional instruction.

Students get the opportunity to go on many field trips throughout their middle school experience, including the Getty, Aquarium of the Pacific, the Boring Company, and collecting water samples from the LA River to analyze in science class. Eighth graders go on a special Right of Passage overnight camping trip where they reminisce about their middle school years before heading off to high school.

High School (9-12)

Students in high school complete the UC and CSU A-G requirements taking English, math, history, science, economics, government, PE, and Spanish during their high school career. Small class sizes allow advisors time to build connections with students and create units of study, called course studies, that prepare them for the world beyond high school. High school students also can complete their core requirements early and take classes at local community colleges or take on an internship.

A unique offering of AGLA high school is the chance to experience Right of Passage and Campus Crawl trips. In their junior and senior years, students extend their classroom experience across the globe, traveling to locales such as China, Spain, Hawaii, Ecuador, Panama, and England. Many students describe these trips as life-changing as they travel with their friends and Advisors, connecting their learning with the real world in a new way. Juniors also get to take Campus Road Trips, which are overnight trips to visit different colleges and universities in California with their classmates and advisors to make the best post-Aveson decision. Tours at each campus are led by college staff and Aveson alumni often meet up with our students to give them a personalized presentation of the school.

Flexible Studies (9-12)

High school students also have the option of joining our Flexible Studies program, informally called Flex. Flex students attend on campus classes twice a week, and complete independent work the remaining three days of the week. They also have the opportunity to join our on campus events, electives and clubs. Flex classes are mixed grade level but small, allowing for a unique high school experience for students who need additional time away from campus due to work, travel, or other commitments, or who thrive with the flexibility to choose their work space and time.

Hybrid Homeschool Program (6-8)

Middle school students have the option of flexible studies through Aveson’s innovative, highly personalized independent study school. Learn more about the Aveson Center for Independent Study here.

Electives & Extracurriculars

Weekly electives allow students to explore passions outside of the core curriculum. Each semester, students choose from more than 30 elective courses including computer programing, culinary arts, stand-up comedy, drama, film analysis, sports, creative writing, robotics, journalism, visual arts, and global leadership. These experiences offer opportunities to learn new skills and uncover hidden interests. Electives also give students the chance to meet college requirements.

Extracurricular activities include volleyball, soccer, basketball, and flag football for middle school students plus debate for high schoolers and drama productions, student ambassadors, and interest clubs for all AGLA students. Students are encouraged to suggest extracurricular activity ideas and AGLA will explore the possibility to support them. For example, AGLA was home to an active mountain biking team driven by student interest and parent support. These ideas are welcomed and supported when possible.

Aveson Global Leadership Academy (AGLA), 575 W. Altadena Dr., Altadena, (626) 797-1438 or visit www.aveson.org/aveson-global-leadership-academy.






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