Barnhart School Summer Program 2017

In an increasingly competitive world, parents everywhere are doing all they can to give their children every tool and resource for a successful future. A solid education is obviously a critical component of that toolkit, but childcare professionals and dedicated caregivers both know that learning doesn’t start and stop with the school year. For that reason, youth summer programs that offer academic courses to keep kids sharp as well as camps that provide extra-curricular fun and excitement have become increasingly popular choices for parents looking to make the most out of their child’s time during the down months. The sheer number of choices can be daunting, but the Barnhart School Summer Program offers a wide range of affordable options, in both categories, from an esteemed academic institution. Barnhart provides the summer fun children want along with the intellectual stimulation that they need.

Because every child has a range of interests and fascinations, the Barnhart program is built to satisfy a spectrum of fun and exciting pursuits and topics including: music, theater, edible art, dance, computer science and technology, hip hop, and creative writing to name a few. Alongside, full-day, weeklong summer camp sessions, the Barnhart Summer Program also offers academic enrichment courses designed to give students a legup as the entire the next grade, or the ability to catch up on topics they may need to refocus on.

All academic courses and camp activities are led by a dedicated team of hands-on childcare specialists, instructors, and teachers who are already a part of the Barnhart School community, and are committed to a tradition of excellence. Barnhart School believes strongly that learning and growth are at their best, when students are encouraged to question, experiment, and take the lead in a friendly and professional child-centered environment that is all about them. Students and participants of the Barnhart Summer Program are able to remain engaged in thought provoking and zany activities and courses within a support system that prides itself on individual attention for each and every child.

Because scheduling and availability can be difficult for families, The Barnhart Summer Program is divided into two, three week sessions and two weeks of summer camp.

For full course descriptions, applications, scheduling information visit, or email Julia Chavez, Summer Session Director at



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