Blair High School: Sack Lunch Program for the Union Station Adult Center

The 2011-12 school year of the 6th grade students at Blair will participate in the Sack Lunch Program for the Union Station Adult Center located at 412 South Raymond Avenue in Pasadena. This area of interaction focuses on developing community awareness and responsibility so that students become engaged and empowered to serve the needs of the community. Students have identified a local community need and developed a solution to help meet those needs.

During 3rd period each Wednesday, from now until May 30th, the 6th grade students at Blair will prepare 48 sack lunches for Union Station Adult Center to distribute. The students have watched a DVD presentation in their English classes that outlines the importance of the sack lunch program and the clientele they are helping. These lunches are needed for Adult Center clients who work.

Sack lunches include:

• Two (2) sandwiches with meat, meat and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly
• Condiments (mayo/mustard/lettuce, tomatoes etc.) must be in separate baggie
• Fruit – No Bananas
• Chips
• Two (2) healthy snacks (i.e. granola bar)
• Dessert (no candy)
• Beverage (juice or water, no soda)
• Napkin
• Plastic utensils (if needed)

The lunches are packed in a paper bag with the date clearly marked on the outside and delivered to the Adult Center (Park in the small, kitchen parking lot and go in the back door.

Parent Volunteers are needed to assist in the following ways:

• Donate supplies for one week’s lunch prep to the Sack Lunch Pantry. (This could be done by teaming up with another parent(s))
• Volunteer as a “Sack Lunch Pantry Monitor” (check on supplies & assist with phone calls to volunteers)
• Procure donations of supplies through contacts that you may have.
• Assist teachers in the classroom on lunch making days.
• Volunteer as a driver to deliver lunches to Union Station any Wednesday between 11- 4. This is a good opportunity for your 6th grader to see where the lunches are going. Mrs. Scheckel will be happy to train a parent to do the drop off of lunches. There are specific guidelines on how to do this.

For those willing to help please contact:



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