Blair High School: “We Love Our Teachers”

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Vikings love their teachers! Blair High School hope you all had a wonderful teacher appreciation week! Teaching is one of the oldest professions, predating the lessons that Alexander the Great received from Aristotle by thousands of years. Of course, much has changed over the past century, with education now available to more people than ever before and increasingly linked to various technological advances. Still, the teaching profession’s enduring appeal is largely thanks to certain things that remain as true today as they have ever been. Blair High School’s Teachers are no exception.

Blair teachers are very enthusiastic about entering the classrooms. And the best among them … the ones who cultivate their students’ curiosity and prepare them for a fulfilling life — are almost always the ones who are so passionate about their job. It could be that they love maths, or feel strongly about the importance of education, or want to help teenagers get through high school. Whatever the case may be, if a Teacher is passionate about education, the welfare of young people, or even a specific subject, then they have found teaching to be a very fulfilling career.

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