Clairbourn Students Develop a Profound Appreciation for the Intricacies of the Natural World!

In the dynamic world of science education, Clairbourn students embark on fascinating journeys of discovery across various scientific topics. From Earth science and genetics to physics, our students are inspired inside and outside of the classroom!

Sixth grade students unearth the secrets of rocks and minerals. Their learning extends beyond simple identification with an understanding of how minerals form and the intricate processes that shape the three main types of rocks. A critical perspective is fostered by acknowledging the necessity of mining. Through hands-on labs, they simulate mining and reclamation, gaining insights into the impact of human activities on Earth.

In seventh grade classes, the focus shifts to the microscopic world of heredity, DNA and evolution. Students learn the art of genetic prediction using Punnett Squares, allowing them to anticipate the traits of offspring and reverse engineer the genotypes of parents. The discussions of genetic variation and the struggle for survival leads to a deeper understanding of natural selection, demonstrated through examples such as the evolution of whales over millions of years and the rapid shifts in the population of peppered moths in England over a few short years.

Part of our eighth grade curriculum introduces students to the fundamental principles of physics, with a focus on motion, forces and friction. Using distance-time graphs, students explore motion on both small and large scales. Hands-on labs provide practical experience, covering topics ranging from the effects of friction reduction to the application of balanced and unbalanced forces. Through these experiments, our middle school students gain valuable insights into the impact of changing surface textures and masses on motion.

We believe middle school science education allows our students to develop a profound appreciation for the natural world. By engaging in hands-on experiments and theoretical explorations, students are not only acquiring foundational knowledge but also cultivating a curiosity that will propel them forward in their scientific journeys. As these young minds search the wonders of rocks, genetics and physics, they acquire the life skills to become scholars and leaders with heart!


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