Coming Together for Tami and Anya Millard

A few days ago, Kyron Millard was mountain biking when he went into cardiac arrest and passed away. His wife, Tami, and their daughter, Anya (who turned 16 the following day), are currently processing this shocking and tragic loss.

Kyron was a gifted teacher and wise school administrator. He spent many years as a teacher and then Head of the Middle School at High Point Academy, and more recently was the Assistant Head of School at Clairbourn. A friend, teacher, administrator, family member, husband, father, and more, Kyron will be deeply missed and is loved by so many.

As friends, family, and colleagues of the Millards, you know how many lives Kyron and Tami have touched. As gifted educators, both of them have invested in so many children, and contributed as generous members of the many communities that they’ve served. So we want to honor Kyron’s life by generously supporting Tami and Anya as they find the strength to heal. Funds raised will help them with memorial costs, the immediate and future financial stresses they are facing, and a college fund for Anya.

Please join Clairbourn School, High Point Academy and the community in supporting them so they can focus on being with family and loved ones during this time, and in providing them with some security for the years ahead.

If you wish to help his family in their time of bereavement, a GoFundMe campaign has been started.

A Message from Tina Payne Bryson, Organizer: 02/07/2020 “Amazing news: in just one day we have made it halfway to our fundraising goal. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing this page, your generous donations, and heart-felt comments. xoxo”

Updated: A Note from Tami and Anya Millard

Thank you to everyone for your generosity toward Tami and Anya. We got in touch with them and they asked us to share the following message:

“Dear All,

On February 2nd, Kyron went for his usual weekend bike ride on a beautiful day under, as he would say, “a painfully blue sky.” Shortly into his ride, he went into cardiac arrest on the mountain trail and despite the efforts of many amazing first responders, Kyron passed away at the hospital. We are heartbroken about losing a dad, husband, and best friend.

In the midst of this grief and complete upheaval of our lives, we have been floored by your love and generosity. We want you to know that we are hurting and the future feels uncertain, but we are not alone. We have had an amazing circle of first responders and a triage team of family who have dropped everything to help us find a way forward and we will be ready to connect with you soon.

Kyron would be stunned at your overwhelming response to his life and service. He believed that a life worth living is devoted to serving others. We are actively working on details for a community celebration of his life and we will share this information when it is finalized.

We are so blessed to remember Kyron with you and to feel so cared for at this time. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, meals, donations, and cards. The community response to our loss has been overwhelmingly touching. We see you and we are grateful to belong to such a caring community.”

Tami and Anya Millard












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