Deeper Learning at Sequoyah School

The high school curriculum and program are grounded in the following principles and informed by Sequoyah’s Habits of Mind:

• Students should be challenged to apply what they learn and to construct meaning from what they know. This encourages the development of individual passion and purpose.
• A diverse community fosters deeper learning. By identifying bias and practicing cultural competence we become more effective collaborators across differences.
• Each student benefits from participating in their own assessment process.
• Self-reflection and goal-setting are keys to building success.
• Feedback should emphasize mastery of complex subject matter.
• Sequoyah school’s collaborative culture shapes attitudes and dispositions toward learning and personal growth.

Sequoyah’s high school coursework frames a journey through interrelated studies supported by a personal advisory program and immersive experiences outside the classroom. Core subject areas include math, science and technology, English and history, world languages, and visual and performing arts.

Advanced courses provide opportunities for students to develop specialized subject-area skills and knowledge. Students are encouraged to complete an independent study with the support of a faculty advisor. All courses will be approved by the University of California, meeting their “A-G” requirements.

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Sequoyah School, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, (626) 441-2076 or visit





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