Enroll Now for Summer School and Summer Camps at Futures Academy Pasadena

During the summer, Futures Academy Pasadena (FAP) students can take courses-for-credit online or on-campus like math, sciences and languages on a part-time basis for credit recovery or grade remediation. Students can also accelerate their learning and take more advanced coursework in a particular subject area including AP and honors. Students may transfer the grade or credit earned back to their home school. FAP also offer summer camps, 21st century electives and college counseling so students can focus on the future or just take classes for fun!

Futures Academy is offering more than 170 courses online allowing you to master math, succeed in science, love foreign languages and make headway in history. Learn online with 1:1 instruction or in small groups… or if you are looking for tutoring support, FAP’s personalized approach will provide you the opportunity to maximize your academic potential and build your skill set.

Master Math

Improve your math skills this summer with online one-to-one instruction! At Futures Academy, its personalized instruction lets you learn in a way that makes the most sense to you, so you get the most out of class time and schoolwork by focusing on what you need to learn, not what you already know.

Whether you’re behind and looking to catch up, or you’re eager to excel to your fullest potential, our experienced teachers and diverse course offerings help students at any level deepen their understanding and open their minds to the wonders math has to offer.

Learn Languages

This summer, learn to better express thoughts, feelings, ideas and questions in your native tongue and/or a second language. Through the study of language, explore new worlds and cultures by delving deeper into English, or broadening your horizons through the study of Spanish, French, Mandarin or American Sign Language. More than just grammar and vocabulary, language study will open your ears to new sounds and expressions, and your eyes to new ways of seeing things.

At Futures Academy, benefit from online personalized 1:1 and small group instruction to make learning language easier. Learn at your own pace and practice using quality time with your instructor.

Succeed in Science

This summer, explore the world around you through science! Hone critical thinking skills that can be applied across all subjects while you develop skills needed to understand and thrive in an increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced world.

Through a microscope, telescope or just your naked eyes, you see science everywhere. Now find the study of it more engaging and meaningful at Futures Academy. With our online personalized 1:1 and small group instruction, you will learn at your pace and in your style to get the most out of class.

For more information, visit https://www.futures.edu/summer-school/summer-school-2020.

Futures Academy, 35 N. Lake Ave #160, Pasadena, (866) 598-0406 or visit www.futures.edu/campus/pasadena.







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