Frostig School Activities

Frostig School provides many opportunities for students to build their skills, expand their world, engage with classmates and have fun!


The Student Leadership Council organizes two after-school dances each year. The Friendship dance is held in February while the Fall Festival dance is held in October. The Fall Festival is our biggest after-school event of the year and includes games, pumpkin carving and a costume competition. The Student Leadership Council is a prestigious student group at Frostig School. High school students are selected by the Frostig teachers.

Field Trips

All classes participate in field trips throughout the year. These activities are selected to support the curriculum. They also provide our students with the opportunity to practice their pragmatic and social skills, and learn more about the community.

Trips have included The Broad Museum, the Getty Museum, LA County Natural History Museum and other educational destinations in Southern California. Our high school students also participate in the “Roots and Shoots” program at the Arboretum, which integrates the outdoors with academic subjects such as biology and other life sciences.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a prestigious student group at Frostig School. High school students are selected by the Frostig teachers. This program is designed to teach our students to become better leaders or mentors to their fellow Frostig students and build stronger school spirit. The council is responsible for a number of school activities throughout the year.

Performing Arts Programs

Music and drama are two of the most popular programs at Frostig School. Children of all ages learn to sing, dance, act and play instruments. Just as importantly, they discover new talents and strengths and gain confidence by performing for family and friends. Students and teachers typically put on three performances a year, including a spring musical that is always a highlight of the school year.

Varsity Level Sports Program

Frostig belongs to the Association for Movement & Athletics in Special Education, a league of private and non-public special education schools. Frostig School participates in flag football, soccer, basketball, softball, track and volleyball. The teams are coed and open to all high school students who wish to play.

Senior Activities

The senior year is a special time for our graduating students. There are many fun activities to participate in such as the senior dinner, special field trips, prom and our graduation ceremony. Activities are determined each year by the seniors, themselves.

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