Futures Academy Pasadena: Innovative Options For Every Learner

Photo courtesy Futures Academy Pasadena

“When many of us think of “school,” we envision a traditional school where a child learns with many peers.”

Let’s allow that thought to drift on, to a typical school day in a traditional school…

There are many large classrooms, full of 20 or more desks all in a row, with the teacher’s desk at the head of the room. The children are shuffled around throughout their day, from one task to the next. The kids are allowed short breaks, just long enough to head to their next classroom. There are often extracurricular activities like art, music, or band, physical education, and homemaking, which some students enjoy, but many do not. The students are penalized if they are late, don’t complete the required work, or if they talk too much, or are distracting in any way.

Obedience is valued over creativity. Compliance over innovation.

This is traditional school– for 13 long years. Material is covered in a methodical way, simply because one teacher cannot juggle a classroom full of unique learning preferences. Some children are left behind, while others are bored and wish for more engaging content. Many children are bullied daily, and the school system is not equipped to tackle the issues head on.

Futures Academy Pasadena (FAP)… is different.

“We are school reimagined.”

Think now, of a place that your child loves coming to. Where he or she gets one on one attention, and the teacher knows and understands how that student learns best. The instructor sees her students’ strengths and weaknesses. She knows how to build off of it.

Imagine a place that has unique classrooms, instead of uniform ones. Classrooms that inspire students to go after their dreams, ask questions, and work hard. A place where kids feel safe to be themselves– whether they are advanced, or not. Where their learning plans are highly individualized, ensuring that not only will your child thrive, but soar!

This is Futures Academy. You are invited to explore the many options Futures Academy offer to its students.

FAP proudly offer over 170 courses, including Advanced Placement, college credit, honors, and NCAA approved courses.

In small group or one-to-one (teacher and student) setting, Futures’ students accelerate at a steady pace, building confidence and character along the way. Both full-time and part-time options are available, and our schedules are made so that we flex to you. Whether your child wants to earn extra credit, or make up credit, we are here to help!

Together, we will create a custom schedule and learning plan that fits the individual. Our unique approach to teaching and learning enables the student to take the reins and steer. Studies are completed in class, eliminating the stress of homework. With their teachers’ guidance, the kids create a list of goals, along with a strategy to accomplish them. Content mastery is achieved before moving on. There are no rigid time frames, and pressure is replaced with progress. We look for every opportunity to build self-confidence and help your child recognize their full potential.

Futures Academy Pasadena is also excited about offering many electives and enrichment courses, both during the school year, and during summer. These classes are exciting, action-packed, hands-on learning. Its mission is to help kids discover their passions. To see them grow academically, socially and emotionally. It’s no coincidence that 96% of our kids are accepted into four-year colleges.

“We show our students that success is around every corner! We are school reimagined. We are the future of learning. We are Futures Academy.”

Whether you prefer online classes, on-campus, or a mix of both, Futures Academy is here to guide you every step of the way.


Futures Academy Pasadena, 35 N. Lake Ave #160, Pasadena, (866) 598-0406 or visit www.futures.edu/campus/pasadena.





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