Futures Academy Virtual School Day

Join Futures Academy Pasadena for Virtual School Day, a transformative academic experience where your child can explore their passion and be matched with one of its highly-trained teacher in a live, customized one-to-one session, socialize with peers in an exciting club of their choice and get a taste of group guided study, where they will solve a real-world problem.

Futures Academy Virtual School Days occur on Fridays. Choose a morning block (8:50-11:30am) or an afternoon block (12:00-2:40pm). Each block consists of three back-to-back sessions:

1. A 50-minute 1:1 class. Choose from Math, English, Science, Social Science or Science of Happiness.
2. A 50-minute club. Choose from Music, Art, Movie, Video Game or Mad Science.
3. A 50-minute Guided Study session. Optimize brain power through fun, engaging activities.

Join Futures Academy Virtual School Day for a Free Trial Experience! *FREE for middle & high school students! (No enrollment commitment required).

For more information, visit https://www.futures.edu/inquiry/futures4you.com/events-vsd.

Futures Academy, 35 N. Lake Ave #160, Pasadena, (866) 598-0406 or visit www.futures.edu/campus/pasadena.





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