Intro to Mythology at Southwestern Academy

Last semester Southwestern Academy’s Intro to Mythology course used their expertise to craft their very own potions! Using ingredients popular in Greek and Norse myths such as cinnamon, honey, basil, “giants blood”, and other mystical elements, they created Shape Shifting, Magic Love Spell, Super Strength and Spite potions.

This introduces students to the structure and purpose of myths in society. As students become familiar with the enduring patterns and motifs found in mythology, they will gain a greater appreciation for the continuity and tradition of our literary heritage as a reflection of the collective experiences of humankind to make meaning and explain the world around us. In essence, mythologies are stories told to explain things that people have questioned.

They sure had a blast presenting to their classmates and making small vials of potion. Southwestern Academy thanks Chloe, Hannah, Isaac, and Keegan for their creativity!

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