La Cañada Unified School District Opens August 17th; Online for All Students

Due to the current state of COVID-19, Los Angeles County schools have been instructed to open classes virtually. You can learn about how virtual instruction is being reimaged, new bell schedules, and the summer work on La Canada Unified School District's reopening section of the website.

Based on the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s publication, “A Planning Framework for the 2020-21 School Year,” La Cañada Unified is focusing on 5 main areas for its reopening planning.

Providing a high-quality instructional program by following best practices in the areas of:
• Curriculum selection and instructional delivery models
• Assessment practices and policies, including local and statewide assessments
• Services to special populations, including students with disabilities,
socioeconomically disadvantaged students, English Learners, homeless and foster Youth
• Access and use of instructional technology
• Expanded learning opportunities
• Other key systems and services

Health and Safety
Ensuring all students, staff and community members remain healthy and safe by following
best practices in the areas of:
• Guidance, directives and recommendations from Public Health
• Health and safety information, social distancing and infection control practices (hand-washing,
face coverings)
• Classroom, meal and cleaning practices
• Health office practices, personal protective equipment, management and isolation of students
showing sign of illness

Social-Emotional Support Systems
Addressing the mental health and social-emotional development of all students, staff and
community by following best practices in the areas of:
• School-based mental health services
• Behavior support systems
• Family engagement and support practices
• Staff supports
• Maintaining student and staff recognitions, awards and traditions
• Other key systems and supports

Family and Community Engagement
Ensuring all students, staff and community members remain involved and supported by
following best practices in the areas of:
• Ensuring effective communication systems
• Engaging stakeholders
• Using community partnerships
• Other key systems and supports

Maintaining effective and efficient operations by following best practices in the areas of:
• Facilities
• Budgeting and financial operations
• Human Resource Services
• Nutrition Services
• Transportation
• Technology infrastructure
• Other key systems and supports

La Cañada Unified School District, 4490 Cornishon Ave., La Cañada, (818) 952-8300 or visit






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